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Sample collection:Ling Jiatang acquisition time :December 23rd -12 months 29 vegetables :goods abundant amount ,price stability in China Jiangsu network December 30th news along with Christmas approaching, v Christian louboutinege Cheap wedding dressestable area of various types of vegetables listed volume became more and more .
After the winter ,real estate listing content of vegetables and fewer ,more single several leafy vegetables can not meet the demand of market of vegetable origin ,also began converting from north to sou Wedding dressth ,the current market sales of vegetables, mainly from Shandong city and Hainan ,Guangdong ,Fujian and other southern provinces .
Especially Xiamen green (including zucchini ,eggplant , Replica rolexlettuce ,spinach ,cabbage and other vegetables ) all varieties ,good quality ,very popular .This week Fujian lettuce to begin a large number of listed ,listed more than 300 tons ,due to the quantity, the price is certain in hasten falls ,from last week to 2 yuan / kg ,down the current average price of 1.
6 yuan / kg .This week Shandong ,northern Dongtai, the big canopy vegeta Fake omega watchesble rich with each passing day, greenhouse leek ( 5 yuan / kg ) ,turmeric ( 9 yuan / kg ) listed volume also gradually increased .
Recently the local surrounding the farmers in the cultivation of Flammulina velutipes began to focus more on ,cause price fall after a rise ,9 yuan / kilogram wholesale average price last week ,more than ring fell 25% .
Subject to other fungi ,prices have also dropped 12 yuan / kg ,straw mushroom ,mushroom 10 yuan / kilogram ,Ling Bai mushroom 20 yuan / kg ,the ring were down 14.3% ,9.1% ,16.7% .At present, winter bamboo shoots output began to increase ,13 yuan / kilogram wholesale average price last week ,more than ring fell 13.
3% .And some seasonal relatively apparent vegetable prices began to rise ,like long eggplant 3.6 yuan / kg ,fruit cucumber 11 yuan / kilogram ,8.6 yuan / kilog prom dress 2012ram ,towel gourd water 3.
5 yuan / kilogram ,balsam pear Christian louboutin replica 9 yuan / kilogram ,than were up 20% ,22.2% ,10.3% ,16.7% ,18.4% .Expected during the new year ,vegetable supply varieties will be in 150 above, the supply of 7000 tons .
Among them, Chinese cabbage ,radish ,garlic ,carrots ,potatoes ,celery and other road passenger food supply, prices will not have obvious fluctuation ;edible mushroom ,bamboo shoots ,green pepper ,cucumber ,parsley ,peas and other greenhouse turn over seasonal vegetable ,fine cuisine ,chaffy dish demand hasten flourishing, the price may b Christian louboutin outlete slightly fluctuations ,overall the price is certain in hasten rises .
Fruit :variety, quality and cheap fruit market at present ,in addition to the traditional citrus ,apple ,pear ,banana and sugar cane ,jujube ,jujube ,fruit ,longan ,pitaya ,mangosteen ,the United States of America red globe ,apples ,cherries ,blueberries and other domestic and foreign fine fruits have the organization reachs the designated position .
According to the consumption practice ,during the new year ,people go to visit relatives and friends more, gift boxes of Ugg boots fruit demand will increase ,domestic and foreign products will become the highlight of this yea Affordable Evening Dressesr sales of fruit ,fruit prices have been relatively smooth ,during the new year price may be slightly upward .
C :eggs of non-staple Wedding dresses 2012 food price stability, nuts sales rise before and after the new year has entered the pork sales season ,cold meat prices rose slightly las Reolx replicast week ,this week has been stable ,the fresh white pork wholesale average price 24.
5 yuan / kilogram ,cold fre Ugg outletsh white 22 yuan / kilogram .Recently, the price of eggs has been re Red bottomslatively smooth ,slightly upward fluctuation after last week ,this week, prices have remained at 8.
7 yuan / kg .This week in three yellow chicken poultry ( 11.4 yuan / kg ) wholesale prices fell slightly, annulus comparing drops 3.4% .The Spring Festival this year earlier, all kinds of roasted seeds and nuts ,nut has begun to enter the sales season ,Pecan ( 160 yuan /5 kg ) ,fruit ( 220 yuan /10 kg ) ,amygdala ( 132 yuan /5 kg ) ,dried beef ( 1 Replica watches45 yuan /5 kg ) ,Brazil hand stripping pine nuts ( 135 yuan / kg ) ar Rolex Replica watchese the recent public buy hot ,current Fake rolex watches for saleprice ,sales volume is climbed litre .
Aquatic products :herring listed ,crab weight imitation rolex polyvalent stability at present all sorts of freshwater fishes continuously flourishing ,crab is recent aquatic hot sales ,because this crab yield is high, price has go up not to go ,especially some large size crab ,compared with the same period last year ,nearly half of cheap .
The 2.5-2.9 two mother crab crab 63 yuan / kilogram ,41 yuan / kg ;3-3.4 two mother crab crab 82 yuan / kilogram ,49 yuan / kg ;3.5-3.9 two mother crab crab 125 yuan / kilogram ,53 yuan / kilogram ,amount of polyvalent stability .
This week, by the Changzhou people love big herring market, market price 10 yuan a catty ,quantity is not many .At present market of aquatic product of Roche shrimp have Rolex Replica drop City, shrimp are also flown in from the South and less high prices ,therefore ,the current 56 yuan / kg, the wholesale price, rose 30% in the chain .
But shrimp from the weather and season demand factors, prices rose significantly ,the 3 cm below the 65 yuan / kg ,more than 3 cm to 102 yuan / kg ,more than 5 cm to 125 yuan / kg .Reporter Liu Chuanfen Jiang Hongxia correspondent of vegetables this wee Rolex replicak top ten sales chart serial number product name this week average price ( yuan / kilogram ) last week average price ( yuan / kilogram ) on than minus 1 soil beans 1.
4 1.4 flat 2 Chinese cabbage 0.6 0.4 +50% 3 1.62 -20% 4 lettuce green vegetable 23 -33.3% 5 carrots 11 flat 6 pack 0.6 dishes 0.6 flat 7 pepper 3.6 3.6 flat 8 garlic 1.6 1.6 flat 9 long cowpea 66 flat 10 mountain taro 1.
2 1.2 flat note: above the wholesale average price for the varieties comprehensive wholesale statistical average price ,for reference only ,the actual sales price according to origin, quality ,variety of different ,fluctuate in line with market conditions .




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