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combining form, the implementation

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For the protection of fishery resources and the ecological environment of waters, recently, city agriculture bureau issued "Kunming city along the Yangtze River in 2012 spring fishing moratorium system implementation plan", put forward clearly, February 1st 12 to 30 Fake Vacheron Constantin watches March -5 12 (Jinsha River), the Yangtze River in Kunming section of Jinsha River, the main tributaries such as the Pudu River, Kraal River, mantis Chuan, as strict fishing area.
Closed range, in addition to the fishery resources monitoring for fishing, banned all fishing.It is reported, involving the Kunming Yangtse River range including the Yangtze River (Jinsha River) in Kunming section of Jinsha River; main tributaries: Pudu River, Kraal River, mantis chuan.
Major areas: Luquan county black - Tang Lang - around 70 kilometers west of Dongchuan district; Sanjiang export 30 kilometers; County Pudu River Kraal River; Songming County; Xundian County cowshed River; district Mantis Chuan; peace Mantis chuan.
Fishing time is in February 1st 12 when -5 30 March 12.According to executive plan requirement, in February 1st -5 month 30 day, in addition to the relevant authority publicity, will also be fully clear water maze, deep water net, cloth curtain, water gill nets and other harmful fishing gear, severity hits all damage to fishery resources illegal fishing behavior, outlaw sales, sales of fish and manufacturing, sales disabled fishing activities, accomplish "Jiang, shore fishing nets, no shore without River fish".
On June, of the Yangtze River will be implementation of forbidden fishing period system effectiveness evaluation, the existing problems are reviewed, to study the layout of forbidden fishing period after the end of Yangtse River, the effect of consolidation and the Yangtze River fishery resources management work, and complete fishing ban period on the investigation of statistical work.
For the protection of the fishermen's life, each county (city) area will form to guide and support Replica watches the industry transferring fishermen, actively assist the finance, civil administration, take the payment of the minimum Knock off Vacheron Constantin living security or quantitative living relief form, solves the difficult problem of fishermen fishing period of life, so as to reduce fishing management pressure, stable overall situation of fishing.
It is understood, fishing period, Kunming each county (city) district fishery law enforcement agencies will take unified examination and routine examination combined with water and on land, to check check combination, the inspection and examination of market combination of screening and examination, tributary of combining form, the implementation of key period in key areas, key examination Vacheron Constantin replica the focus of supervision and inspection, focus groups focusing on prevention, increase the strength and frequency of inspection, strictly investigate ban illegal Knockoff rolex behavior.
According to the criminal prosecution standard of illegal fishing of aquatic products, the timely transfer of public security organs.Kunming City Fisheries administrative law enforcement Replica Vacheron Constantin bureau also announced the closure report telephone:.


combining form, the implementation


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