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Education in Ukraine and abroad. Розробка уроку англійської мови

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Education in Ukraine and abroad
Розробка уроку англійської мови

  1. Слово вчителя.

“Good morning, students. I’m glad to see you. Today we continue talking about education. And we will do it in the form of student conference.

And theme of our lesson: Education in Ukraine and abroad.

And aim of our lesson is: to develop your creative skills working at the project; and to practice your reading and writing skills.

A week ago you got a task, which was not easy, but very interesting. You had to make project about education in USA, Ukraine and Great Britain. And also you had compare this systems of education. One of the project was devoted to education in Ukraine. And of the most interesting project was about schooling in our lyceum.”

  1. Aктивізация

“Before we start to watch and listen to our projects, I want to ask you some question:

  • How do you think, which system of education is better – American, Ukrainian or British?

Student 1: I think that education in American and Britain is better.

  • Why do you think so?

Student 1: I do not know, because I think that people in these countries live better than we do.

Student 2: And I think that education in these countries is very expensive. So education in Ukraine is better.

Ok. We will come back to this question after our projects. And I hope that our students conference will help you to find an answer to this question. Well, let’s start!”

  1. Ход уроку

“And first, who will present her project is Lantuh Ann”

(показ презентації)

“Before we look at the last slide, I want ask you:

  • What similarities and different in this system can you name?

Student 3: In Ukraine our schoolchildren get marks from one to twelve. And at English school there are marks from one to ten and at some schools from one to one hundred.

Student 4 : In USA the National Government gives no direct financial aid to the institutions of higher education. And in Ukraine there are lots of State institutions of higher education which receive financial support.

  • Okey, let’s see”

“The next students, who work at a project were Доценко Вероника and Коробкова Helen”

(презентація публікації)

“And now after our two projects, I want to come back to the question:

  • So, how do you think, where is better to study-in our country or abroad?”

Student 5: I think that is better to study in Ukraine because there are more State schools and universities that is why we don’t have to pay for education.

Student 6: in American educational system I like that students can choose some subjects.

“Ok. We cannot say which educational system is better. But we can say that each system has its advantages and is oriented on British, American and Ukrainian people.”

“And now students Zaloga Sergey and Fajzulina Maryna present their project. It is the last our project.”

(презентація сайту)

“Well, I think that is very interesting work and all liked.”

“On our web-site we can see the list of our professions. And on our students conference there are students who are the representatives of this professions. And our journalist wants to interview them.”


  1. Introduce yourself.
  2. Why did you choose this profession?
  3. Do you like to study at our lyceum? Why?
  4. How can you compare educational system in your school where you studied and in our lyceum?
  5. Do you have any plans for your future?

“Thank you for this interview. We have found out a some of new information about some your professions and education in our lyceum.”

And you know in English there are a lot of idioms wich in Ukrainian are very funny if we translate every word. Now lets match the idioms and their explanations:

  1. Hit the books                             A. to skip class
  2. Teachers pet                              B. to skip class
  3. Play hooky                                C. the teachers favorite student
  4. Cut class                                    D. to study

“Everyone, who prepared their project used computer technology. And we know that computer technologies play an important role in our life and in education. And also you are users of social net. And even when you prepared these projects you spend time in this social net. We know that in your chat you use many English short words for quick communication. And we have broken some social net to look how English helps us to talk. Look at the screen and think how can we decode these short words?

“Ok. You did the task well. And now let’s see the original variant of this dialog.

Lets read the dialog and translate it.

Lets work with idioms again. Write your own sentences with these words.

Ok. It will be your homework to next lesson.

Well, I think that we have very productive lesson. During the lesson we discuss education in Ukraine and a broad and in our lyceum. All projects were very interesting, informative and you did well. And our aim was reached. Thank you for lesson, good bye.”


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