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Winter Holidays. Christmas and New Year (розробка уроку)

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Winter Holidays. Christmas and New Year
Мета: Практикувати учнів у вживанні лексики по темі; вчити працювати в групі та малих групах, у парі; вчити взаємодіяти в заданій ситуації, навчати привітань до свят.
- Розвивати навички усного мовлення, аудіювання, письма, читання, розвивати увагу, логічне мислення, світогляд учнів за рахунок інформації, одержаної на уроці.
- Виховувати повагу до традицій і культури свого народу і інших країн.
Хід уроку:
T - Good morning! I’m glad to see you. Are you ready to start our lesson?
P - Ready.
T - Are you feeling fine?
P - Fine.
T - As the weather nice?
P - Nice.
T - Is everything OK?
P - OK.
T - Are you in a good mood?
P - Yes, we are. We are in a good mood today.
T - I see everything is OK, you are in a good spirits! The theme of our lesson is Christmas and New Year. Today we’ll read, write, recite poems, act dialogues, guess riddles, ask and answer the questions, work in pairs and groups.
By the way, what season is it now?
P - It is winter now.
T - Let’s recite poems about winter.
P1 - Now it is winter.
P2 - Let’s make a snowman.
T - Thank you. I have some riddles for you. Let’s guess them all together.
- What is this?
What mean can’t live inside the house? (a snowman)
You can’t hear me but you can see me all around falling softy from the sky. I’m white upon the ground. What am I? (snow)
- Who is this?
He comes at night, bring presents and goes away. (Santa Claus)
In winter and in summer they stand both in one colour.
(a fir tree or a pine tree)
- What is it?
He is an old man. He 12 children: some long, some short, some cold, some hot. (a year)
T - Was you know winter is a fascinating season, full of magic. Why do we like it and what can we do and can have in winter.
Try to complete the scheme on the blackboard. 
T - I have some winter rhymes for you. Let’s do them.
- What hangs from the roof and rhymes with bicycle? (icicle)
- What do you do that rhymes with me? (ski)
- What do you wear that rhyme with loves? (gloves)
- What falls from the sky and rhymes with glow? (snow)
- What covers your window and rhymes with remember? (December)
- What do you do that rhymes with wait? (skate)
- What do you do skate on that rhymes with nice? (ice)
T - A lot of people like winter, because we have the most favourite holidays such as Christmas and New Year in winter. Now let’s watch how British people celebrate them. (“Christmas in Britain”)
T - Ok. What do you know about Christmas?
P1 - A time when you can sing carols.
P2 - A day when Jesus Christ was born.
P3 - A time when you get presents.
P4 - A day when housewives prepare traditional food.
P5 - A feast when you can see “verteps” in the streets.
T - Now answer my question:
- What are the most favourite holidays in Great Britain?
- When do British people celebrate it?
- Do all children love Santa Claus?

T - They sing Christmas carols. It’s time to sing one of them.
“We wish you a marry Christmas”
T - As you know Ukrainians celebrate Christmas on January, 7. We have holidays at Christmas. Where you spend them? And how do you spend your holidays?
T - We’ll divide into two groups I’ll give you the cards with the tasks.
The first task – How many words can you make out of Happy New Year
The second task – Unscramble these snowflakes. Write down the words.
T - Well done. And now let’s play a Christmas game. I have a magic stocking. One of the pupils go to the Christmas stocking and takes a card with the question.
Read it and you have to answer the question and you’ll get presents.
1. Do you New Year tree at home?
2. Is the New Year tree big or smalls?
3. Is it a fir - tree or a pine tree?
4. What is there in the New Year tree?
5. Who decorates the New Year tree?
6. What can children do around the New Year tree?
7. Do you like the New Year holiday?
T - Some pupils prepared the dialogues about the celebration of New Year and the other winter holiday. (hedgehog day)
T - You did you Christmas card. Show your cards and read the wishes.
T - Often on New Year’s Day we write promises. They are called New Year resolutions. What are you going to promise?
P1 - I’m going to improve my English.
P2 - I’m going to help my mother about the house.
P3 - I’m going to get better marks.
P4 - I’m going to have good behavior.
P5 - I’m going to eat healthy food.
P6 - I’m going to stop drinking Coca-Cola.
“Jingle Bells”
“Good Bye”


Швець Людмила Василівна
вчитель англійської мови
Немирівського навчально-виховного комплексу «Загальноосвітня школа І – ІІІ ступенів №2 – ліцей» Немирівської міської ради Вінницької області


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