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sport competition

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Sport competition
2 (6) form

By Boiko N.K.

Sarny Gymnasium 2013
- To practise pronunciation of different kinds of sport;
- To revise key vocabulary;
- To check and consolidate grammar studied in the Unite;
- To encourage students’ logical thinking and hard working.

Resource used
Computer, CD with the words and word-combination to the theme, pictures, board.

Lesson plan
I. Introduction
1. Greeting, aim.
2. Warm – up. Dividing into 2 teams.
II. Main part.
3. Checking on home tasks.
4. Pronunciation work. Listening.
5. Vocabulary Practice
6. Grammar practice.
7. Writing.
8. Reading.
9. Project work.
III. Final part.
10. Summing up.
11. Home assignment.

I. Introduction
1. Greeting, aim.
Hi my dear children! I’m glad to see you again. We are going to write test next lesson. So, let’s prepare to it! We’ll do some vocabulary and grammar exercises to repeat all the material of the Unite. To make it interesting for you we decided to organize such sport competition.

2. Warm – up. Dividing into 2 teams.
So, to have real contest we need to have two sides to compete. Let’s divide into 2 teams: we have two teachers and two English groups – they will be teams. Let’s start!

II. Main part.
3. Checking on home tasks.
First task of our competition is to check on your home task. Let’s recite your names and mottoes
4. Pronunciation work. Listening.
To do another task you need to repeat some words or word-combination to our topic. Let’s listen to them and repeat.
5. Vocabulary Practice.
Next task is called “Anagrams”. You have to read the letters on the blackboard, recognize the word and write it correctly. We have 2 columns with 12 words for every team. You may solve only one word. All words are to topic “Sport life”.
1. Boxing 1. Cricket
2. Tennis 2. Sledging
3. Figure skating 3. Athletics
4. Skating-rink 4. Aerobics
5. Ski 5. Wrestling
6. Skating 6. Finish
7. Running 7. Winner
8. Contest 8. Basketball
9. Sport events 9. Football
10. Swimming 10. Golf
11. Competition 11. Indoor games
12. Baseball 12. Start
6. Grammar practice.
All team are bright! You have another task – grammar game “Noughts and Crosses”.

What? How? Who?

Do? Are? Have?

Where? Why? When?

7. Writing.
Now we have a piece of writing. I want every team to write 6 questions on the blackboard. Do it correctly in grammar.
8. Reading “Olympic Games”.
Next point of our competition is to read some questions about Olympic Games and sports and answer them.
9. Project work.
Our last task is to prepare some Projects about winter and summer kinds of sport.

III. Final part.
10. Summing up.
So, let’s count out balls. Winner is the team…..
At the end of our lesson I want you to discuss the saying:
‘a sound mind in a sound body’.
What the proverb means. Why is it a good proverb?
Check Your Progress. Look back at the Module:
- Which activities did you enjoy most?
- Which activities did you have problems with?
- Which grammar area do you need to practise more?

11. Home assignment.


Бойко Наталія Кирилівна, вчитель англійської мови Сарненської гімназії


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