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Конспект уроку на тему " Food. Menu" для 3 класу

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Topic. Food. In the cafe. Menu.Reading a story.

to reinforce the topic-related vocabulary.
develop pupils’ reading.
to revise structures What do you like? I like... but I don`t like...
to practice listening, speaking and writing on the topic.
to develop pupils’ cognitive and creative skills.
to develop positive attitude towards the world around us.

Vocabulary: hungry, but, don`t be late.
Extra materials: flashcards of the foods, posters, multimedia, cards for children's writing, a laptop.
Family and friends 1 (CB, WB)


T: Good morning,children. Glad to see you!
Sit down, please.
How are you today?
2-Singing a song “Hello!Knock-knock”

Listening a chant(№ 115)and say.
Children listen and repeat the chant and teacher shows flashcards.

II. Main part
The topic of our lesson today is " In the cafe.Menu". (writing on the blackboard)
And today we have an ineresting lesson.We are going to play lexical games, do you like to play games?Would you like to sing and dance?Would you like to read and speak English? So, let's start!"

1. Watching
Children watch the video.
-Now we will watch the story about Tom and his family.
-After that you should write some words at the poster.
Watching the video
-Let`s watch the video,after that you should make the dialogue.

2.Speaking. Making dialogues.
Children tell about their favourite food.
What food do you like?
I like meat but I don`t like fish.

Pupils write some sentences on the blackboard.
-You have some pictures and smiles.Make a sentence and write it on the blackboard.

4.Game “ Make a menu”
Сhildren make a table.
-Here we have some words. You should put them in the right table.
Meat, ice-cream, apple juice, fish, rice, yogurt, apple, orange juice, bread, eggs, banana, water, carrots, grapes, milk, tomatoes.


4.Singing a song “Drink your milk” (№ 118)
Т: Let's have a fun. Let's sing and dance.

5. Pre-reading task.
Working on the Topical Vocabulary
T: Open your classbooks. Look at the pictures and try to guess what is the text about.(Girls are in the cafe)
T: Look,what are the names of the girls? (Sally & Emma)
T: Now we are going to read and listen to the text. You should listen carefully, and clap, if you heard names of food.
Teacher stops after each part.
Teacher plays the recording again,stopping at the end of each line for children repeat.
8.After reading task
Ex.3 p 84(CB)
Tick what Sally and Emma like. Cross what they don`t like.
Children read a sentence and say if they like or don`t.

Game “Guess my favourites”
T-What's my favourite food?
P1- Do you like meat?
T-No,I don`t.
P2- Do you like fish?
T- Yes,I do.

T: Tell us about your favourite food.

III. Summing up
T: All of you were great today.You worked hard,were very active,your reading and speaking were well.We repeated some names of food. It’s time to finish our work.
Hometask.Ex.1,2 p.84- Write the names under the food.
Have a nice day! Good bye!


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