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Сценарій святкового заходу "Halloween"

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Знам’янська ЗОШ І-ІІІ ступенів

Розробка святкового заходу з англійської мови

Лесенко Т. М.

30.10.15 р.

Тема: Хеллоуін.
• виховувати допитливість та стимулювати всебічний розвиток учнів;
• поширити знання учнів про свята й традиції в країні мову якої вони вивчають;
• розвивати навички аудіювання та говоріння;
• прищеплювати учням інтерес до вивчення англвйської мови, народних звичаїв і традицій, культурної спадщини іншого народу;
• стимулювати учнів виховувати в собі особистість;
• розвивати творчий потенціал учнів, критичне мислення;
• розвивати інтелектуальні та емоційну сфери особистості молоді, її пізнавальні інтереси;
• підвищувати рівень мотивації вивчення іноземних мов;
Обладнання: монітор, святково прикрашений кабінет: оформлена дошка, павутиння, плакати, інвентар для конкурсів, тістечка «ніготь відьми», презентаціяб гарбузи у формі «Ліхтаря Джека», .
І.Organizational Part
1.Greeting and Aim
Witch 1: I’m glad to see all of you today as this time we have an unusual holiday. Look at the monitor.
(Перегляд уривку з мультфільму «Монстри на канікулах 2».)
Witch 2: How do you think, what the holiday it is? I hope you have already felt the atmosphere of Halloween.
Witch 1: We will take a trip to the interesting world of mystery and learn as much as we can about it. And now we are going to start our trip.
Witch 2: Dear guests, monsters, witches, vampires and other heroes! Welcome to our holiday! Be active and get pleasure! Meet our participants!
Pupil 1: It’s Halloween. It’s Halloween.
The moon is full and bright.
And we shall see
What can’t be seen on any other night!
Pupil 2: In masks and gowns
We haunt the street
And knock on door for trick-or-treat
Tonight we are the King and Queen!
For tonight is Halloween!
Witch 1: Good evening, dear witches, wizards, ghosts and other friends of mine. We’ve gathered here to celebrate the most interesting and important holiday in the year – Halloween!
Witch 2: Today is the 30th of October and we are here to celebrate Halloween. Try not to be afraid of witches, wizards, skeletons, vampires, ghosts. Have fun!
Pupil 3: This is the night of Halloween
When all the witches might be seen
Some of them black, some of them green;
Some of them like a turkey bean.

ІІ. Main Part
1. Watching a Movie about history of Halloween http://youtube.com/watch?v=R9pzNpKKRYc

1) Pre-watching activity
Witch 1: Halloween is an old English holiday. It is in the last night in October. This holiday comes from Ireland and Scotland. Old and young take part in the festivals. People usually wear scary masks of witches and wizards, because they say: “Ghosts and witches come out on Halloween”.
Witch 2: One of symbols is a lantern made from a pumpkin. Usually it is a big orange or yellow pumpkin with cut out eyes, nose, mouth and a candle is put inside. Let’s come back to history where this holiday takes place.
2) While -watching activity

3) Post-watching activity
Witch 1: True or False:
1. The word “Halloween is derived from all Hallow’s Eve.
2. Halloween takes place on the 30th of October.
3. Any food is sold on this holiday.
4. The most popular with witch’s snickers.
5. It is the second highest commercial holiday after Christmas.
6. British spend 6 billion dollars on Halloween every year.
7. Halloween started about 2000 years in Ireland.
8. The holiday originated from the Celtic Festival of Samhain.
9. Samhain was celebrated by Celts in Ireland, the USA and Northern France.
Witch 2: Answer the questions:
1. When and where does Halloween take place?
2. What is the most popular food on this holiday?
3. Is it a commercial holiday?
4. In what part of the world is it celebrated?
5. When did Halloween start?
6. What kind of festival does this holiday originated from?
7. Who was Samhain celebrated by? Where?
8. Do the people dress up as witches and ghosts?
9. What do the children do in the evening?
10. What is the symbol of this holiday?
2. Acting a song “Five Little Monsters”.

3. Watching a Movie about the way of celebrating Halloween by the children in England

1) Pre-watching activity
Witch 1: On October 31st many children like to have parties. They dress up as witches, ghosts, goblins, hags, monsters, devils, vampires, werewolves or anything else scary like Frankenstein, Batman and a Spiderman or other TV characters they are fond of.
Witch 2: Boys and girls take pumpkins and bags and go along the streets, knock on the doors of the houses. They ask a traditional question “Trick or treat!” .
Pupil 4: Trick or treat, smell our feet
We want something good to eat!

Witch1: People give them a treat – an apple, some sweets, pieces of a pie. If they don’t, children play a trick on them.
Pupil 5: Trick or treat, you’re so neat.
Give me something good to eat.
Nuts and candy, fruit and gum
I’ll go away if you give me some.

2) While -watching activity

3) Post-watching activity
Witch 2: Let’s do a test!
1. Halloween is on the 31st of _______.
a) November b) October c) December
2. On this day children dress up as ___________ .
a) their neighbours b) usual c) witches and ghosts
3. On this holiday children visit __________.
a) their neighbours’ houses b) English-speaking countries c) ghosts, witches or devils
4. Pumpkins with ____________ inside are usual decorations.
a) chocolate b) candles c) candies
5. When children ask “trick or treat?” the neighbour has to give them a treat ___________.
a) usually water b) usually candles c) usually chocolate

Pupil 6: Jack-o-lanterns are pumpkins
With face carved into one side.
An Irish legend says that
Jack-o-lanterns are named after
The man called Jack. He could not
Enter the hell because he had
Played jokes on devil. As a
Result, Jack has to walk
On the Earth with his lantern
Until Judgement Day.
Pupil 7 (Jack-o-lantern): I was a pumpkin big and round
When I grew up on the ground
Now, I have a mouth and nose
And two eyes that never close
Light my candle on Halloween
So that my jolly face is seen
Be every ghost and witch and cat
And trick-or-treating acrobat
I will smile and shine for you
If you come trick-or-treating too.
4. Scenes
1) Questionary
Witch 1: Now it’s time of a questionary. Answer the following questions to understand what we know about the history and traditions of Halloween. So, let’s start!
1) What is the other name of Halloween? (The night of the ugly pumpkin, The night of forest spirits, The night of floating apples, The Magic night ).
2) What is the symbol of Halloween? ( intagliated melon, cut out pumpkin, cut out watermelon, cut out aubergine).
3) It was considered the souls of the dead had moved into… (plants, animals, birds, fish).
4) In order to protect yourself from the dark forces you should… (go with a included flashlight, spit over your left shoulder, to whisper the spell, wear masks).
5) On this day you shouldn’t …( offend, damn, laugh, cry).
6) On this night the girls were told fortunes. What was considered to be wrong? (the poured water, the broken glass, the falling candlestick).
7) Halloween is celebrated rather interesting in Mexico. The houses are constructed family altars with pictures of the departed, decorate them with flowers and "pampered" dead with… ( champagne and pineapples, chocolates and beer, lemonade and nuts, tequila and lemons).
8) On Halloween the children knock on the doors and cry: “Treat or trick!”. The masters of the houses should give them some… ( sweets, money, clothes, paper).
Witch 2: Well done!
2) Find the Halloween words
s k e l e t o n j
a m o n s t e r a
h b c s o w r a c
a m a s k d j x k
l w t r e a t y o
l i g o b l i n l
o t z f e l b v a
w c a o i t a m n
e h g h o s t k t
e t b e l u h m e
n i t r i c k o r
a l p u m p k i n

Keys: skeleton, pumpkin, mask, goblin, treat, ghost, trick, monster, witch, jack-o'-lantern.

3) Competitions
“Bobbing Game”
Witch 1: Now, it’s time to play and have fun! Let’s start with the most famous and popular “Bobbing Game”.
Witch 2: Halloween is also called the night of bobbing apples. Let’s see how lucky you are! You should catch an apple without your hands!
“Feed the Monster!”
Witch 1: He’s a monster and he’s very hungry. You’re afraid of him. Take this food, name it in English and try to feed this monster.
Witch 2: Take a balloon and draw a face of Jack-o-Lantern with a marker but your eyes should be closed.
“A Mummy Game”
Witch 1: Now you have to make a mummy with a help of paper. Any volunteers?
“New Words”
Witch 2: And now your task is to make as many words as possible using the word HALLOWEEN.
ІІІ. Final Part
1. Home task
Make up a survey. Ask each other and find out whether he or she likes Halloween, celebrates it in his or her family, in what way.

2. Summary
Witch 1: Did you like today’s holiday?
Witch 2: Just before we leave we would like to give you our souvenirs in memory of our party!
Final song “I’m in love with a monster”(із мультфільму «Монстри на канікулах - 2»

Together: Thank you very much!


Лесенко Тетяна Миколаївна, учитель англійської мови, Знам'янська ЗОШ І- ІІІ ступенів


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