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Great Britain. On the Way to Scotland

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Great Britain. On the Way to Scotland
Цілі уроку: - поглибити знання учнів з іноземної мови під час вивчення тематичного матеріалу за темою «Велика Британія»;
-розвивати комунікативну компетенцію та мовленнєві здібності учнів;
-розвивати творчий потенціал учнів, навчити креативно мислити, розвивати вміння планувати свої дії;
-навчити презентувати результати проектного дослідження у формі рольової гри.
1. Створення груп.
2. Вибір та робота над міні-проектом ( збір, аналіз та узагальнення матеріалу).
3. Ознайомлення інших учасників проекту з проведеною роботою.
4. Колективне обговорення, вибір лексики для написання сценарію.
Type of Project
Topical area
End product
Great Britain
On the way to Scotland
7 th form
Information and research project
Some facts from the history of Scotland

Places of interest
Customs and traditions
Role - playing
Reading skills
Speaking skills

Role-card 1
You are a tourist
1. It’s your first visit to Great Britain.
2. Your dream is to see the Loch Ness Monster.
3. Ask your neighbor about the possibility to see Nessie.
Role-card 2
You are a tourist
1. It’s your second visit to Scotland
2. Tell your neighbors about the Monster Exhibition.
3. Tell your neighbors about some places of interest in Edinburgh.
Role-card 3
You are a tourist
1. You are reading a book about the customs and traditions of Great Britain.
2. Your neighbor wanted to know what you are reading about. Tell her the legend about the thistle.
Role-card 4
You are a tourist
1. Tell the passengers some facts about the national dress and the national musical instrument of Scotland.
Role-card 5
You are a pilot
1. Greet the passengers.
2. Name your company and yourself.
3. Give the datum of the plane (speed height, temperature)
4. Wish them a pleasant flight.
Role-card 6
You are a stewardess.
1. Greet the passengers
2. Name yourself
3. Wish a peasant flight
4. Tell the passengers some facts from the history of Great Britain.
5. Tell the tourists some words about Edinburgh the capital of Scotland.
6. Ask passengers to fasten their seatbelts because your plane is landing.

Форма підсумкового контролю проектної роботи
Great Britain. On the Way to Scotland.
Teacher: Good morning, dear friends. I am glad to see you. Lets say good morning to everybody. Are you ready to start our work? All right. Two weeks ago you got role cards with tasks. Today you will go on an excursion and visit some places of interest in Great Britain. You have to go there by plane. We need a pilot, a stewardess and tourists. Please introduce yourselves.

Pilot: Good morning ladies and gentlemen. “Ukrainian airways are glad to meet you. I am your pilot. Dmytro is my name. Our flight lasts for six hours and we will land in Edinburgh at 12 o’clock. The speed of the plane is 700 km \ hours. The hight is 2000 meters. The temperature outside is 12 degrees below zero. “Ukrainian airways wish you a pleasant flight.”
Stewardess: Good morning, ladies and gentlemen. Let me introduce myself. I am Inna – a stewardess. Welcome to our plane. Turn off your mobile phones, please. I wish you a pleasant flight.

Tourist one: Hi, my name is Dasha. Is it your first visit to Great Britain?
Tourist 2: No, it isn’t. I was in Scotland several years ago. And what about you?
Tourist 1: Oh, it’s my first visit. Scotland is the country of my dream. I’d like to see Nessie.
Tourist 2: Nessie, the monster? You are funny. It is impossible. But you can visit the museum called the monster exhibition. All the evidence about Nessie are collected there.
Tourist 1: Have you been there? Would you tell us anything about Nessie?
Tourist 2: If I am not mistaken, Nessie is about 6 meters long, with a long thin neck a small head and two or three humps.
Stewardess: Ladies and gentlemen, attention please. We are flying above the United Kingdom. Many centuries ago Great Britain was captured by the Romans. But they couldn’t defeat Scotland. The Romans called it Caledonia – the country of the wild.
Tourist 2: Excuse me, what are you reading about?
Tourist 3: It’s about the customs and traditions of the United Kingdom.
Tourist 1: Is there anything interesting about Scotland?
Tourist 3: Do you know, that thistle is the national emblem of Scotland?
Tourist 2: I think, everybody knows this. But I don’t remember the legend. Would you tell us.
Tourist 3: Certainly, with pleasure… The people of Scotland chose this plant as a national emblem because it saved their land from foreign invaders. Many years ago Norsemen wanted to settle in the country. They decided to take Scots by surprise in their sleep. They even took off their shoes not to make a noise. But, one of the Norsemen stepped on the thistle and cried of sharp pain. The Scottish soldiers were a wakened by the shouts of the invaders. For this help the Scots made the thistle their national emblem.
Tourist 4: I’d like to add some words about the Scotland’s national dress and the national instrument of Scotland. The dress is called the kilt. It is made of a tartan cloth. If you want to make a kilt you need 8 meters of tartan cloth. Kilts are worn by men and women, but a man’s kilt has a pocket made from leather and silver. A man’s kilt pocket is called a sporran. The Scottish also have their own national musican instrument. It’s a bagpipe.
Tourist 1: Oh, I have a collection of national musical instruments, but I have no bagpipe. I’m certain I’ll buy it to add my collection.
Stewardess: Ladies and gentlemen, our plane is above to land in Edinburgh – the capital of Scotland and one of the most beautiful cities in Europe. It is a modern city, but history is everywhere. It lies on seven hills. At the top of the highest hill there is the Edinburgh Castle. Edinburgh Castle was a home of Scottish kings till 1603.
Tourist 3: I have read that Scotland is also the land of mysteries.
Tourist 2: You are right. It is said that every castle has its ghost. I went on an excursion to Glamis Castle. This castle has nine ghost.
Tourist 1: I don’t believe it.
Tourist 2: I think it would be interesting for you to visit this castle. And by all means try to visit Hollyrood Palace – the official residence of Queen. This Palace is a museum itself and it contains a number of museums. Among them are the Museum of Childhood with its unique collection of toys and games and the Peoples Story Museum which tells the story of ordinary people of Edinburgh from the 18 th century to the present day. If you go to Edinburgh, don’t miss the Writers Museum. It contains things of Robert Burns. Walter Scott and Robert Louis Stevenson.
Stewardess: Ladies and gentlemen don’t leave your seats. I ask you to fasten your seatbelts. Our plane will arrive soon and your guide is waiting for you in thе airport.
Summing up
Teacher: Thank you very much. Your work was good. Your home task will be to write a story “My visit to Scotland”. See you tomorrow.


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