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Listen to the dialogue between Emily and her Daddy and do the task

Emily: Welcome home, Dad.
Dad: Oh, Emily. How are you today?
Emily: Fine.
Dad: Good. And how was school today?
Emily: Really fun.
Dad: Good. And what did you do?
Emily: We made things.
Dad: Like what types of things did you make?
Emily: We made books.
Dad: You made books! Okay. And what else?
Emily: We . . . we made paper kangaroos.
Dad: You made paper kangaroos? Okay, and what did you need to make your paper kangaroos? What kind of supplies did you need?
Emily: We used crayons, papers, glue, and we had to follow directions.
Dad: Well good. And what did you do after school?
Emily: We went home, played games.
Dad: And did . . . Mom said you went to the junior high school.
Emily: I rode my bike in the tennis court.
Dad: Did you go by yourself?
Emily: I went with the whole family, and we went with Nathan, Sara, Rachel.
Dad: You went with your cousins.
Emily: And my mom.
Dad: Well, that's great. Well, let's get ready for dinner.
Emily: Okay.

Choose the right variant to answer the questions

1. In addition to paper books, what did the little girl make with paper at school ?
A. an animal
B. a person
C. a building

2. What thing did she NOT talk about when making the object in Question 1?
A. paper
B. glue
C. scissors

3. What did the girl do after school?
A. She rode her bicycle.
B. She watched television.
C. She went to the store.

4. Who did she meet and play with at the junior high school?
A. her teacher
B. her cousins
C. her father

5. Where does this conversation most probably take place?
A. at a house
B. at school
C. at a park


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