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Subject: Crazy Detectives

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Subject: Crazy Detectives

Aim: To acquaint the students with a new vocabulary, structures (I am fond of, I am crazy about, I am interested in, I am good at, I am bad at, I am keen on), train students in the pronunciation of English sounds, develop a dialogue speech and monologue speech, thinking, reaction rate, to cultivate a sense of respect and mutual help.
Equipment: cards, CD.

Class: 6th
Tutorial: Friends.
Type of lesson: combined-speech

Teacher: Liubich V.S.

Kyiv 2019

Course of the lesson

I. Organizational part.
1. Greeting
- Good morning, boys and girls. I am very happy to see you. How do you do?
- Hello, Teacher! We are fine, thanks.
2. Weather talk
Teacher: what season is it now, month? Who is on duty today? Who is absent today?

II Main part
1. The topic of the message, the purpose of the lesson. Motivation of educational activity.
Teacher: today we are going to read the unit "Crazy Detectives". On the board we can see words from this unit. Let's read them. But at first a tongue twisters:
I am fond of school! You are fond of school! We are fond of school and it's very cool! School brings every girls and boy a lot of moments of joy!

2. Reread the new words from the board.
3. Teacher: listen to the recording and then read in characters and translate. (Clueless - P.1, Holmes - P.2 and go on)
4. The new expressions on the board and the rule.
5. Do exercises № 2, 3, p.67
6. Play game: "Put in the order"
7. Relax
Teacher: Are you fond of English?
Student: Yes, we are!
Teacher: Let's have a rest "If you're happy ... .."
8. Game "Interviewer"

ІІІ Final part.
1. Summary of the lesson.
Teacher: It's a pity, but our lesson is coming to the end. You have been hard working, creative and enthusiastic today. Listen to your marks please.
2. Home task. (p.67 # 5 - writing, unit 22 - words by heart)
3. The lesson is over. Good Bye! See you!


Любич Валентина Сергіївна, вчитель англійської мови. НВК №39 м.Київ

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