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English is very useful and important. English is an international language. So a language which 500 years ago was only used by a few million people in its native country is now spoken or learned by about a quarter to a third of the world’s population.
Every day we can see that it is very important to know foreign language especially English. Learning English is becoming more and more popular in our country. It's not surprising because Ukraine is a part of Europe and the whole world. This year is declaring English year in our country.
As for me, I learn English because it expands my horizons and prepares me for a successful career. I think, language is also very useful when you travel abroad and want to study or work in.
More than that, learning English is a good exercise for my mind. I believe that knowledge of English helps to make a person educated and well-rounded. It is a way of getting to know different cultures, customes and traditions of England. In future I want to be English teacher, because English is very important for me. I know that learning language is a long and difficult process. You need to practice language every day to be able to master it. You should read books, newspapers, magazines to enlarge the vocabulary, learn idioms and phrasal verbs, learn to guess the meaning of the words, watch movies and TV programmes to learn informal language and of course communicate with native speakers. In my opinion, the efficient language learning should be concerned with both communication and accuracy.
English is also the language of the great English literature. It is the language of Shakespeare, Byron and Charles Dickens. If I learnt harder I would read this literature in the original and understood contents of the novels, poems, stories, plays, tales. It will be wonderful and interesting. Regular study of English improves my memory and social skills. I like to recite poems by T. Shevchenko, Lesia Ukrainka, into English.
I say, English is also the language of international communication in many areas of life trade, air and sea transport, tourism, sport, medicine, building, etc.
Also actually to know English, not to get into funny situations. Young people are now buying different clothes with inscriptions in a foreign language, which sometimes causes confusion and irrelevance. For example, on T-shirts inscriptions: "Lion", "Tiger", "I love you", "Kiss me", "Danger" and other. Cultural man must know clearly that these inscriptions just shock people. In the future, I dream thoroughly study English very well. A lot of reading about the history of the language, I noticed a very short time it has getting in all spheres of human life. I am glad that I can read, write, translate English. Recently, I found some interesting facts about the English language.
800 000 words are in modern dictionaries of English.
I am or I do – are the shortest sentences.
Many words have different meaning. Word set is a record-holder and has 44 means for the verb, 17 means for the noun and 7 means for adjective.
Letter E uses very often in the words.
Words town (місто, містечко), bad (поганий), gold (золото), apple (яблуко) are the oldest into English.
There are many interesting words, in English for example: indivisibility, where letter i repeats six times, word rhythm is the longest word with one letter y.
Word therein is an unique, which basis on 10 words: the (означений артикль), there (там), he (він), in (в), rein (віжки), her (її), here (тут), ere (до), there in (у цьому відношенні), herein (в цьому).
Words-palidromes (слова, які можна читати однаково зліва направо і справа наліво) kayak (байдарка), level (рівень), racecar (гоночний автомобіль).
In conclusion, I would like to say about the importance of knowing English for computer users. The Internet has become a part of life for many people you know English very well. The knowledge of English is necessary nowadays.
As for me, I am assuring English is my choice. I think that main proverbs are very true and actual "Knowledge is power" (Знання – це сила).
"A new language is a new world" (Нова мова – новий світ), "So many languages you know, so many times you are a man" (Скільки мов ти знаєш, стільки разів ти людина).


Кокошинська З.М.


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