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Казка для обговорення та контролю навичок читання. Матеріал зібраний під час роботи над eTwinning проектом Valuable Tales.


Once upon a time, there was an honest, well-intentioned, generous sultan of a distant country. This Sultan would take care of problems of his people and always tried to protect them. But this Sultan had a problem. Sultan had no children to replace him. The biggest wish of Sultan was, to raise a Sultan who rules the country like himself.
He thougt for months. Finally announced to the people : “All children living in my country will be given a flower seed. Who ever sows this seed in the pot and takes care of it in the best way will be raised as the Sultan of this country to replace me” The next morning every part of the palace was full of children Each child was given a flower seed for competition of becoming Sultan. All the children immediately went to their homes and carefuly planted the seed in the pot. They waited for a long time for seeds to grow.
Days chased after days, weeks chased after weeks. All the children’s flowers sprouted. It bloomed with fragrant and colorful flowers. Flower pots have begun to decorate the most beautiful corner of their home. There was a child among them who saw all these beautiful flowers and was saddened about the seed that did not grow in his pot.
His mother tried to comfort him. She said ‘’You did your best, you tried to protect it, you loved it, but it didn’t want to sprout..
The boy said “What am I supposed to say to our Sultan that day” sadly. “You will say what happened“ said his mother. “You will say that the seed did not sprout.” After a while,the given time ran out and all the children went to the garden of the palace. They are carrying beautiful flowers in pots. When the boy saw these flowers, he got more upset and angry with himself. But there was nothing he could do anymore. The Sultan looked at the flowers of the children filling the garden. He walked arround beetwen them. He came and stopped in front of the boy who had no flower in his pot.
The boy whose flower did not sprout was very excited and embarrassed. He mermured ‘’I’m sorry’’ Sultan asked him “Why are there no flowers in your flowerpot?“ “I don’t know” said the boy.” “I took care of it but it didn’t want to grow up.” The Sultan asked “Are you very upset ?” “Yes, I am sorry” said the boy. “I wish my flower would look as beautiful as theirs.” The Sultan smiled at him. He took his hand brought him out for all children to see him. He said “Here he is”. “The boy who can become a Sultan after me.” Everyone was so suprised . “But he didn’t manage to grow the plant” they murmured. The Sultan continued. “All the seeds that I gave were soaked in hot water. No flower could grow from any of them. Only this boy said the truth. He is the child who will replace me, rule my country in the most fair way. Finally I found my peace of mind. Because after me, my country will be in safe hands.

1. How the sultan behaved towards his people?
2. What was the biggest wish of the sultan?
3. What did the sultan give to children?
4. Why was the boy get so upset?
5. What did the boy’s mother say to her son?
6. What did the boy whose flower is not sprouted say to the sultan?
7. Why did the sultan choose the boy whose flower is not sprouted?
8. What is the moral of the story?


Cаханда Світлана Миколаївна, учитель англійської мови Бородянського академічного ліцею.


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