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Тема: Екологічні проблеми (Прес-конференція)

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Тема: Екологічні проблеми (Прес-конференція)
Практичні: розвивати здібності монологічного мовлення, передачі. Практика використання лексичної структури To going to.
Розвиваюча: вміння логічно викладати свої думки, вміння вільно говорити самоконтролю. Розвивати пам’ять, увагу, навички письма.
Виховна: виховувати любов до Батьківщини, бережливе ставлення до природи, цілісну співпрацю, незалежність, охайність, інтерес до вивчення англійської мови.

Type of lesson: combined
Lesson of gaining knowledge, skills of work.
Form of the lesson: a press conference
Equipment: cards, drawings, abstracts.

Schematic lesson plan

I. Class organization (2 min)
II Presentation of the press conference: (30 min)
1) Global warming.
2) Earth is a wonderful planet.
3) Ukraine is my Motherland.
4) Earth is full of miracles.
5) Earth Day.
6) Water is a serious problem.
7) The future is in our hands.
ІІІ Work with notebook (11 min)
IV Lesson summary (2 min)

Course of the lesson
I. Organizational moment. Preparing for the reception of foreign language broadcasting:
1) Greeting
- Good morning, boys and girls. I am very happy to see you! How do you do
2) Message of the subject, the purpose of the lesson.
- Today we are going to have our Press Conference about environmental problems.

II. The main part of the lesson

Presenter: We welcome you to our press-conference dedicated to pollution on our Earth. Here there are a lot of Ukrainian journalists and they want to tell you a lot about important problems on our planet.
Rusya: Let’s begin our press conference, please!
Journalist 1
Sophia: Hello! I am S. G. , a special correspondent from Radio and TV. Today I am going to talk about environmental problems again. The Earth is facing a serious problem. This problem is global warming. Weather conditions are now unusual and scientist all over the world are discussing it now. The result of it is global warming. In general, the temperature is rising. Today everybody is afraid of global flooding, too. Thank you.
Presenter: Who wants to add?
Journalist 2
Alex Yelfimov: Hi. My name is A.Y. , a special correspondent from 1+1 channel. Our Earth is a wonderful planet. There are a lot of woods, rivers, mountains, lakes, seas and oceans. There’re very beautiful. A lot of animals, birds, insects and fish live on our planet. But our nature is in danger. Some animals, plants, trees, flowers and birds can disappear. So, to protect the Earth we shouldn’t throw rubbish, cut the trees down, hunt animals. Thank you.
Presenter: Who would like to add?
Journalist 3
Karina: I would like to add. My name is Karina, the fifth channel. We live in Ukraine. We are Ukrainians. Ukraine is our motherland. It’s full of deep lakes, mountain rivers, green woods, beautiful sceneries and blue seas. So, we should not throw food away but we should plant the trees and flowers, collect paper, take care of animals and birds because we love Ukraine. Our motto: plant the trees together, we are planting our trees. Feed the birds together! We are feeding our birds.
Presenter: Who wants to say?

Journalist 4
Alekseyenko Alex: Hi! My name is A.A., a special correspondent from Inter channel. Can I add? I’d like to say a few words about recycling. Nowadays, the recycling industry is a big business, so next time if you are going to throw something away, stop and think: can I recycle any of this rubbish? Rubbish is a real danger for the environment. So, to save the environment we should recycle what we throw away, id est: 1. Recycle paper. 2. Recycler metal. 3. Recycle glass.
Presenter: Who wants to add?
Journalist 5
Alex Kovtun: Hello! I am A.K., a special correspondent from 112 channel. I’ve got a project in my hands. To sum up, I’d like to say that we love Earth because:
1. It’s very beautiful
2. We live on Earth
3. It’s full of interesting things and exciting places
4. It’s full of wonders
I’d like to recite a poem “The Earth is full of wonders”
The Earth is full of wonders,
Which all of us want to see.
We need to visit places
Where we would like to be.
There are lots of different cities.
There are lots of different lands.
We would like to see other people,
And with them to make new friends.
I’d like to say a few words about tress. They produce oxygen and take carbon dioxide. Look at this scheme.
Presenter : Who wants to add?
Bohdana Borushchak: Hi! My name is B.B., a special correspondent from 24 channel. Do you know that our planet has a special day? Every year we celebrate Earth Day on the 22 of April. Nelson created Earth Day. The first Earth was held in 1970. And now it is celebrated all over the world.
Teacher: Ok, everyone. Let’s think about the world in 2050. Can you imagine a world without trees, forests, birds, plants and animals?
Artem: What a catastrophe!
Teacher: Well, according to scientific research, 150 species of birds have disappeared.
Yura: That’s terrible.
Dima: I’ve read an article about Ukraine. We cut forests every day and destroy the animals’ habitat. What a pity.
Ivanka: And water is a great problem, too. Nowadays we have to buy water to drink and in 2020 water is going to be a luxury.
Teacher: You’re right. We should think how to protect our world from these negative factors. And now our flash mob to all of you: “The future in our hands”
We want to see blue seas,
We want to see green trees.
We are defenders of our lands.
We want to breathe clean air,
We want to show we care.
We know the future’s in our hands.
We wants to see birds fly
Up into a clear sky
We are defenders of our lands.
We want to see flowers grow
To pollution we say “NO!”
We know the futures in our hands.

II. Teacher: And now our tasks.
1. Look at the pictures and complete the sentences with to be going to: Nick is going to: save the electric power, recycle paper, recycle metal, recycle glass, put the paper into recycling bins.
2. Find the halves of the words, match them, read them, give their meanings:
Pol……. Pro…….., pla……., envi…………., wa……………, re………………..
Ste, blem, net, ronment, cycle, lution.
3. Complete the sentences with the words below.
Environment, trees, hunt, smoke, cutting down, pollution, waste, save.
1. People should stop___________ the trees.
2. We need ____________ the environment.
3. ______________ from the cars is bad for the environment.
4. It is wrong to ____________ animals.
5. Factories make a lot of ____________________.
6. Without ____________ our world is going to be in trouble.
7. Don’t throw away _____________ recycle it.
8. Everyone should take care of the ___________________.

I. Ending of the press conference.
Teacher: The lesson is coming to the end, children. I am very satisfied with our lesson.
You have been very hard working. And now write down home task.

- Write a letter to a pen friend about environmental care in our country plus your own ideas


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