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заняття з англійської мови за сюжетом казки "Snowmaden" для дітей старшого дошкільного віку.

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Сюжетне заняття з англійської мови для старших дошкільників за казкою
Aims of the lesson:
1)to develop the pupils skills in speaking;
2)to revise with pupils using such structure as:
I have… He/She has… They have…
I like… He/She likes… We like…
I want… He/She wants… They want…
3)to teach pupils to form the dialogue using proper structures and teach them to describe the body.
To develop the pupils intellect, to give knowledge of the English language.
To develop habits of using knowledge in different situations, memory, speaking, attention, phonetic ability, listening ability.
Materials: pictures with parts of the body, decoration for the tail, play cards, CD recorder, CD.
I.The beginning of the lesson.
-Good morning! Let`s sing the «Hello song».
-How are you today?
-Fine, thank you!
-What season is it now?
-What is the weather like today?
-What day is it today?
-Let`s sing the song «Week days».
II.The main part of the lesson.
Children, let`s look a Falk tale about Snowmaden.
Once upon a time there was an old man and an old woman.
O.M. - Why do you cry, grandma?
O.W. – Oh, we have no children.
O.M. – Don`t cry. Let`s make a Snowmaden.
O.W. – Oh, OK.
Children – We make a head, a neck, shoulders, arms, hands, a body, legs, feet.
We make a face for our Snowmaden. On the face we make eyes, a nose, mouth.
Children – Oh, what a nice Snowmaden!
Snowmaden – Oh, I am alive!
I have a head. It`s very well!
I have a nose. So I can smell.
I have two eyes. And I can see.
I have two ears. And I can hear.
I have two legs. So I can walk.
I have a mouth. So I can talk.
O.M. – Oh, Snowmaden, come home.
Children – Snowmaden, come here. Let`s play.
-What can we do in winter?
We can ski (skate, sledge, play snowballs, make a snowman) in winter.
Let`s sing the song «I am running on my skies»
Time by time, spring came.
Grandpa looks through the window and say:
O.M. – Oh, spring came!
O.W. – Oh, spring came!
Snowmaden. – Oh, spring, warm. I don`t like spring.
Children. – Snowmaden, Snowmaden, come here!
Snowmaden. – Oh, no, no.
Children. – Snowmaden, Snowmaden, come here, please!
Snowmaden. – Oh, OK.
Children. – Snowmaden, let`s jump through the fire!
Snowmaden – Oh, no, no.
The tale is over on this moment.
Song «Head and shoulders».
III.The conclusion.
Thank you for the lesson. The lesson is over. Bye-bye!


Дарченко Лариса Григорівна, вихователь ДНЗ№45 м.Хмельницький


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