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Test 1A

I. Choose the correct item.
1. Jason is a very______ child who easily bursts into tears.
a) generous c) ambitious
b) determined D) sensitive
2. Mary was______ for days after she failed her exam.
a) depressed c) delighted
b) frightened d) uneasy
3. Red clothes really _____ you.
a) match c) fit
b) go with d) suit
4. She is a very _____ person who loves painting and writing music.
a) shy c) creative
b) caring d) sincere
5. You _____ eat sweets all the time.
a) mustn’t c) must
b) needn’t d) need
6. That’s the man _____ car was stolen.
a) who c)who’s
b) which d) whose
7. We haven’t visited the ______ temple yet.
a) new c) ancient
b) modern d) traditional
8. _______ broke my favourite vase?
a) Who c) Who’s
b) Whose d) which
9. When the wind blows, you can hear the leaves _______.
a) grunting c) echoing
b) rustling d) roaring
10. The doctor ordered Joe to _____ in bed until he got better.
a) reveal c) find out
b) remain d) overcome

II.Underline the correct word
1. Rome is popular with/ famous for the Colosseum.
2. You can’t expect/ wait for me to believe you.
3. Make sure you look/ watch both ways before crossing the street.
4. could you bring/ take me a glass of water, please?
5. I’m going to watch/ see Sally this evening.

III.Underline the correct particle
1.The car ran over/out of the children’s ball.
2. She lookeed forward to/ up the doctor’s number in the telephone directory.
3. She had to go to the supermarket because she had run after/ out of milk.
4. I look after/up my younger sister when mum is at work.
5. The dog ran into/ after the postman.

IV.Underline the correct word.
1. Have you ever/ never been to Germany?
2. We were playing cards while/ when Tim called.
3. After/ While they had finished eating, they paid the bill.
4. They haven’t come back yet/ still.
5. I haven’t seen Helen for/ since we left school.

V.Fill in “the” where necessary.
My sister recently won a trip to 1)___ New York, where she visited 2) ___ Statue of Liberty and went on a carriage ride through 3) ___ Central Park. She had a meal at an expensive restaurant where she saw 4)____ mayor of New York City himself.

Test 1B

I. Choose the correct item.
1.My daughter is very _____; she doesn’t make friends easily
a) creative c) shy
b) sincere d) caring
2. The lion _____ loudly when we approached the cage.
a) rustled c)roared
b)echoed d)grunted
3. children under twelve _____ wear a life jacket.
a) must c) mustn’t
b) needn’t d) need
4. David is _____ to succeed as an actor.
a) determined c) ambitious
b) sensitive d) generous
5. The folk dancers wore ____ costumes.
a) modern c) ancient
b) new d) traditioal
6. Everyone was ____ when the bomb exploded.
a) frightened c) uneasy
b) depressed d) delighted
7. these shoes don’t _____ me. They’re too small.
a) fit c) suit
b) match d) go with
8. He is trying to ____ his fear of heights.
a) remain c) overcome
b) reveal d) find out
9. He lives in a small flat ____ is near the train station.
a) who c) which
b) what d) whose
10. That’s the girl ____ mother is a famous actress.
a) who c)who’s
b) which d) whose

II.Underline the correct word
1. The teacher is very famous for/ popular with his students.
2. Will you take/ bring these letters to the post ofice for me, please?
3. When I wear my glasses, I can see/ watch much better.
4. I’m going to look/ watch the football match on television tonight.
5. Whenever the telephone rings late at night, I always expect/ wait for bad news.

III.Underline the correct particle
1. I ran into/ out of an old friend today.
2. We’re looking after/ forward to our summer holidays.
3. Rea looks after/ for her sister’s dog when she is always.
4. If you don’t know what this word means, look it for/ up in the dictionary.
5. We’ve run out of/ after flour so we can’t make a cake.

IV.Underline the correct word
1. Mary was reading while/ when her sister was watching TV.
2. He has been working here since/ for five years.
3. I have yet/just watered the plants.
4. He had finished his work by/ since eight o’clock.
5. I have ever/ never seen such a beautiful sunset before!

V.Fill in “the” where necessary.

My cousin Simon works for 1)____”Knights”, a large company in the centre of 2) ___ Liverpool. He often has to travel to 3)____ Paris on business. He has promised to take me with him next time he goes, and show me all the sights, such as 4) ___ Eiffel Tower and 5) ___Louvre.


I.Choose the correct item.
1. They fight ____ cat and dog.
a) as c) as if
b) like d) such

2. She___ the guestes into the sitting-room.
a) marched c) entered
b) led d) went

3. To her ___ , her son was not seriously injured.
a) relief c) fear
b) wonder d) hope

4. The warrior held up his ___ to protect himself from the enemy’s swords.
a) helment c) club
b) oar d) shield

5. I -______ from university by the year 2000.
a) will graduate c) will have graduated
b) will be graduating d) am going to graduate

6. He ___ the man’s name in my ear.
a) whispered c) howled
b) screamed d) asked

7. She____ that she wasn’t feeling well.
a) told c) said
b) spoke d) expressed

8. Two passengers ____ when the ship sank.
a) drowned c) rescued
b) occupied d) gathered

9. They were so ____ after thelong walk that they had to rest.
a) relieved c) painful
b) exhausted d) sharp

10. People who are ____ believe the future will be worse.
a) friendly c) optimistic
b) pessimistic d) isolated

II.Underline the correct word

1. He felt very alone/ lonely as he knew no one in the city.
2. It’s rude to stare/ glance at people.
3. I find it hard to realise/ understnd math.
4. “Please, let / leave me go to the concert tonight,” Sarah said to her father.
5. She always wears true / real pearls.

III.Underline the correct particle
1. A fire broke out/ down during the night.
2. Come into/ back soon. We’d love to see you again.
3. When do schools break up/ out for the Christmas holidays?
4. He came round/ into a fortune when his father passed away.
5. Why don’t you come round/ across for tea this afternoon.

IV.Fill in the correct word
Go into, pouring, supernatural, clean, set

1. ______ rain 4. to _______ battle
2. ______ force 5. to _______sail
3.______ air


I. Choose the correct item.
1. It’s easy to tell that Stephanie is your sister, because she looks____ you.
a) like c) such
b) as d) as if

2. The children watched in ___ as the magician performed his tricks.
a) relief c) fear
b) hope d) wonder

3. Cave people hunted with ____.
a) oars c) helmets
b) shields d) clubs

4. By this time tomorrow I ____ on my yacht.
a) will be sailing c) will have sailed
b) will sail d) am going to sail

5. The soldiers entered the town and ____ it.
a) occupied c) rescued
b) drowned d) gathred

6. The only people who can ____ the building are those who live here.
a) enter c) attack
b) lead d) march

7. They were ____ to see the rescuetearm.
a) exhausted c) sharp
b) relieved d) painful

8. The wind ____ loudly during the storm.
a) whispered c) howled
b) crackled d) creaked

9. If I _____ you, I would talk to him.
a) were c) am
b) would be d) had been

10. Her teacher ____ her to study harder.
a) spoke c) said
b) told d) expressed

II.Underline the correct word
1.“Drop/Fall your gun!” the policeman shouted.
2. Please, let/ leave me alone! I don’t want to talk to you.
3. She tries to avoid/ prevent driving at night.
4. Alexander Graham Bell invented/ discovered the telephone.
5. “Hear/ Listen to me! I’m trying to explain the situation to you!” she said.

III.Underline the correct particle
1. Our car broke up/ down in the middle of a busy road.
2. The Smith will come round/ across for a visit tomorrow.
3. She came back/into a fortune when her grandfather died.
4. Thieves tried to break into/ out our house last night.
5. While cleaning thehouse I cfme across/ round some of my old clothes.

IV.Fill in the correct word
Have, ring, occupy, military, lose
1. to _____ the bell 4. to ______ no choice
2. a(n) _____ uniform 5. to _____ a castle
3. to _____ control of sth

High level

I.Fill in the correct word
Casually, pick, fishing, rough, start
1. _____ sea 4. _____dressed
2. to ____ fruit 5. _____ boats
3. to ____ a fire

II.Fill in the correct word
Terror, slender, amasing, experiment, stiff
1. The scientist’s _____ was a success.
2. The fire-fighters gave Jill a blanket as she was _____ from the cold.
3. Mary has long, ___ fingers.
4. Joe ran away in ____ when he saw the snake.
5. It was a(n) ____ performance; everyone loved it.

III. Complete the sentences below using the words in bold. Use two to five words.
1. The last time I went to Italy was last Easter.
Been I _______ since last Easter.
2. It’s a long time since I went to the cinema.
Have I _____ the cinema for a long time.
3. When did he leave for Autralia?
Since How long ______ for Australia?
4. It’s the first time he has acted in a play.
Never He _______ in a play before.
5. I have never eaten Japanese food before.
First It’s the _______ Japanese food.

IV. Fill in the correct preposituon.

1. We spent our holiday ____ the coast of Spain.
2. Do you believe ____ ghosts?
3. Daryl Hannah starred _____ Splash.
4. She’s always dressed ______ fashionable clothes.
5. While on holiday we spent hours lying ____ golden beaches.

V. Put the verbs in brackets into the correct tense.

1. James often _____(watch) cartoons on TV.
2. Paul______ (not/type) all the letters yet.
3. How long ago ____ (she/buy) the house?
4. He ______ (walk) home when it started to rain.
5. George _______ (dig) the garden at the moment.

High level

Look at the following plan and write a letter to your pen-friend.


Dear (your pen-friend’s first name),
Paragraph 1: name, where you are from, place you live in, family
Paragraph 2: age, height, build, eyes, hair, clothes
Paragraph 3:what you like/ don’t like/ don’t mind doing
Paragraph 4: ask him/her to write back and send you his/her picture

Best wishes,
(your first name)

High level

I. Fill in the correct word
Go into, pouring, supernatural, clen, set
1. ____rain 4. _____ battle
2. ____force 5._____sail
3. ____air

II. Fill in the correct word
Free, experience, benefit, bleeding, iceberg
1. Yuor arm is _____ badly. You should go to hospital.
2. After ten hours, the gunman finally agreed to ____ the hospital.
3. In poor countries, few people have the ______ of a good education.
4. The ship sank when it hit a(n) _____.
5. You need to have a lot of _______ for this job.

III. Complete the sentences below using the words in bold. Use two to five words.
1. “I’ll wash the dishes”, she said to me.
Told She ______ the dishes.
2. “Have you ever been to Japan?” Tom asked her.
Had Tom asked her _____ to Japan.
3. “Don’t talk to strangers,” Father said to me.
Warned Father _______ to strangers.
4. “Who gave you that ring?” he asked me.
Given He asked me ________ that ring.
5. “Stop making that noise!” my sister said to me.
Told My sister _______ that noise.

IV. Fill in the correct preposition.
1.The girl trembled ____ fear when she saw the stranger standing by the door.
2. Sheila decided to take the dog ______ a walk.
3. He screamed _____ help when he saw the burglar.
4. He hopes to make new friends _____ the Internet.
5. That man reminds me_____ my uncle.

V. Put the verbs in brackets into the correct tense.
1. “Your shirt is dirty.” “I know. I ____ (wash) it.”
2. By tomorrow evening I _____ (finish) this science project.
3. This time tomorrow afternoon I _____ (travel) to Spain.
4. If you _____ (come) to my new house you will see how I’ve decorated my bedroom.
5. I hope he _____ (come) to the party.

High level

Using the notes and the plan below write a story called “The treassure”.

a. Tony and his friends decided to go swimming.
b. They went to explore a cave.
c. Tony found a large wooden box in the cave.
d. They took the treasure to the police station.
e. The police congratulated them.
f. They felt proud to see their pictures in the newspaper.

Introduction Paragraph 1. set the scene (who, when, where, what)

Main body Paragraph 2. describe events leading up to the main event
Paragraph 3. describe the main event.

Conclusion Paragraph 4. end the story ( felings, reactions, comments, consequences)

High level

I. Fill in the correct word
Fast, go, natural, public, true
1._____beauty 4. in the _____eye
2. _____love 5. to_____for a walk
3. to be _____ asleep

II. Fill in the correct word
Chased, explore, crowd, gradually, overcome
1. After her illness Maria _____ got strong again.
2. You have to ______ your fear of flying.
3. The policeman ____ the burglar but he couldn’t catch him.
4. There was a large _____ watching the football match.
5. “Can we _____ the old castle?” asked Paula.

III. Complete the sentences below using the words in bold. Use two to five words.
1. It’s a long time since I last spoke to Alice.
Have I ______ Alice for a long time.
2. How long ago did Mary get married?
Since How long_______ married?
3. I have never baked a cake before.
Time It’s the _______a cake.
4. Harry last wrote a book five years ago.
Has Harry ________a book for five years.
5. The last time Bob called me was last month.
Since Bob ________last month.

IV. Fill in the correct preposition
1. We went for a picnic ____ the countryside.
2. Ian has strong views _____ the protection of the environment.
3. He waved goodbye and got _____ the plane.
4. After the meeting, the President shook hands ____ the Prime Minister.
5. My mother and I have always been close _____ each other.

V. Put the verbs in brackets into the correct tense.
1. We _____(not/be) to the island yet.
2. They _____ (return) from their trip to Spain last night.
3. She is tired because she ______ (clean) the house all morning.
4. While she____ (have) a bath, someone rang the bell.
5. They_______( still/decorate) the living room.

High level

I. Fill in the correct word
Have, ring, occupy, military, lose
1. to ____ the bell 4. to _____no choice
2.a(n)____ uniform 5. to_____ a castle
3. to_____ control of smth.

II. Fill in the correct word
Disease, weeping, feed, workplace, dropped
1. Christine couldn’t stop ____ when Paul told her he was going to leave her.
2. My sister’s ______ is a large, smart office.
3. My uncle is suffering from a serious ____ .
4. Jason ____ his cup on the floor.
5. When should I _____ the animals?

III. Complete the sentences below using the words in bold. Use two to five words.
1. “Don’t touch the switch,” Frank said to me.
Warned Frank ______ the switch.
2. “Who broke the window?” the teacher asked us.
Broken The teacher asked us ______the window.
3. “Helen is coming tomorrow,” she said to me.
Coming She told me ______ the next day.
4. “Do you want some cake?” he asked me.
Wanted He asked ______ some cake.
5. “Get out of the car!” he said to me.
Told He ______ out of the car.

IV. Fill in the correct preposition
1. She stared at him ____ disbelief when he told her what had happened.
2. The boyswere playing _____ the role.
3. People are becoming more and more isolated _____each other.
4. He got ____ the car and walked away.
5. Many scientists hope to find a cure ____ Aids.

V. Put the verbs in brackets into the correct tense.
1. If you ______(study) hard, you will pass your exam.
2. They _____ ( return) from their trip by the end of the week.
3. I hope he ____(lend) me some money.
4. This time next week he _____(sail) across the Aegean Sea.
5. “The car is dirty.” “I know. I _____(wash) ot this afternoon.”

High level

Imagine you are on holiday. Look at the plan and write a letter to your friend describing your visit to this place.

Dear (your first name) ,

Paragraph 1: greetings, say where you are
Paragraph 2: say where you are staying and what the weather is like
Paragraph 3: sights you habe seen/ activities
Paragraph 4: food you have tasted/ good and bad experiences
Paragraph 5: end the letter

(your first name)

High level

Using the notes and the plan bellow write a story entitled “ A Lucky Escape”.

a. Paul was sitting in his garden.
b. He heard someone shouting for help.
c. His neighbour’s house was on fire.
d. Paul called the fire brigade.
e. Paul brought a ladder to help his neighbour get out throught the top bedroom window.
f. The fire-fighters put out the fire.

Introduction Paragraph 1: set the scene (who, where, when, what happened)

Main Body Paragraphs 2,3: describe the events which happened before the main event and the
main event itself

Conclusion Paragraph 4: consequences, people’s feelings, comments


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