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Consumer Society

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Урок з англійської мови "Consumer Society".

Level: intermediate B-2
-to identify specific information in an article
-to learn new vocabulary
--to practice future tenses using personal examples
I. Lead-in
-Introducing the vocabulary (play the recording with pauses for Ss to repeat)
-Listen and say. Make sentences.
1.fabric (cotton, silk, wool, nylon, ets)
2.metal ( aluminium, steel, etc)
4.wood (oak, pine, etc)
II. Reading & Listening
Direct Ss attention to the title and elicit the Ss guesses as to what they think the text about
-Read the title, the introduction, and look at the pictures. What do expect the text to be about? Listen and read to find out.
A) What will we be wearing in the future? While some scientists are developing textiles that allow the wearer to generate electricity as they walk and others are working on clothes that monitor your fitness, Dr Manel Torres and Prof Paul Luckham have invented a spray-on fabric. The spray contains minute cotton, wool, linen or acrylic fibres that dry instantly on your skin and turn into garments like T-shirts or tops. You can wear it, wash it and then wear it again - just like the rest of the clothes in your wardrobe. Then, when you get bored, you can dissolve it and use the material again to make something new. Fabrican took ten years to develop and when it goes on sale, it'll probably cost around £10 a can - cheap enough for trendsetters to wear something new every day. Dr Torres hopes that in the future there will be spray booths in stores where you can drop in to design something new. They are also looking into its use for spray-on bandages and furniture coverings.
B) Wouldn’t it be great if you could just think of something you want and print it out on a computer? Well, believe it or not, you can. For the first time ever, scientists have found a way to print out fully-working machines using a 3D printer. The first item is a fully-functional bicycle made of nylon called the Airbike. It’s as strong as steel but much lighter. It comes out as a complete bike with no assembly required. The possibilities for this new technology are endless. Medical researchers hope that with a special cartridge of human cells and bio-friendly gel, it can be used to print out skin grafts for burn victims. They have already managed to demonstrate the potential medical uses by printing out a copy of a human ear in 30 minutes.
C)As you arrive home with the shopping, Grace tells you who phoned while you were out. You put your groceries down on the kitchen counter and she gives you recipe ideas, tells you how to cook them, and gives you dietary advice. As you move into the living room she organises your evening entertainment. A window made of smart glass becomes a TV, wallpaper changes on demand and every surface doubles as a touch screen with instant Internet access. But Grace isn’t a member of the family, at least not yet. She’s a network of voice-activated computers that runs the e-home the house of the future. Grace is the star of a show home by Microsoft that demonstrates much of this technology and all of it is going to be on the market within the next few years. So, before long we will be talking to the walls!
- Read the text and for questions 1-10, choose from the texts (A-C).
Which text mentions:
1.A machine which needs no putting together?
2. A form of recycling?
3. A potential first-aid use?
4. Tips on healthy eating?
5. An invention with limitless potential?
6. A type of exhibition?
7. A very inexpensive invention?
8. A possible fashion item?
9. Robust material?
10. Something that can check your physical health?

-Teaching new vocabulary. Explain/elicit the meanings of the words
Develop textiles, generate electricity, monitor fitness, spray-on fabric, minute fibres, dry instantly, turn into, garment, dissolve, go on sale, trendsetter, booth, drop in, look into, bandage, furniture covering, fully-working machine, fully-functional, lighter, no assembly required, endless possibilities, cartridge, skin graft, burn victim, dietary advice, on demand, instant, voice-activated.
III. Writing.
-Practice the future tenses
-Match the examples to the descriptions Find more examples in the text

A a promise
B a fixed arrangement
C a prediction based on what we believe/imagine
D a plan or intention
E an on-the-spot decision
F an action in progress at a certain time in the future
G a prediction based on what we see

-Choose the correct verb form. Identify the reason for the use of each tense.
1 That’s the phone I will answer/ am answering it.
2 I think he is going to be/will be happier there.
3 Now that I’ve got some money I will be buying/ am going to buy a new PC.
4 Will you work/ Are you working tomorrow afternoon?
5 This time next week we are travelling/ will be travelling to Chile.
6 Sorry! I won’t/am not going lie again.
7 He’s wearing his T-shirt, shorts and trainers. He will be playing/is going to play football.
IV. Speaking
THINK! How do you think each invention in the text will improve our lives? In three minutes, write a few sentences. Tell the class.
V. Summing-up


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