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"How do teenagers express their individuality"

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Тема уроку: “How do teenagers express their individuality”
Тип уроку: комбінований.
- Розвивати навики до спілкування та письма на основі навиків володіння нових лексичних одиниць;
- Розвивати навики аудіювання та читання з отриманням необхідної інформації і детального її розуміння.
- Розвивати мислення та логіку при вивченні іноземної мови.
- Продовжити ознайомлювати учнів з молодіжними субкультурами, виділяти характерні риси субкультур та вчити висловлювати свою думку.
- Навчити працювати з різними видами завдань;
- Активізувати роботу кожного учня;
- Виховувати терпеливе ставлення до шляхів самовираження молоді;
- Прививати любов і бажання вивчати іноземну мову через різні форми роботи.
Обладнання: Телевізор, ноутбук, картки №1 та №2, відео, презентація по субкультурах, таблиця для аудіювання, вправа для письма, кросворд.
План уроку
І. Організаційна частина
1.1 Привітання, оголошення теми і завдань уроку.
ІІ. Основна частина уроку
2.1 Введення учнів у іншомовне середовище
2.2 Перевірка домашнього завдання
2.3 Робота з презентацією(розвиток навичок читання та засвоєння нового матеріалу)
2.4 Гра „Відгадай”(перевірка розуміння нового матеріалу)
2.5 Письмова робота(перевірка засвоєння учнями вже раніше вивчених ЛО)
2.6 Аудіювання(етап сприймання і розуміння інформації)
2.7 Кросворд(закріплення нового матеріалу)
ІІІ. Заключна частина уроку
3.1 Пояснення домашнього завдання
3.2 Підведення підсумків та виставлення оцінок
I. Greeting. Introduction.
Т: Good afternoon girls and boys. Sit down dears. Let’s start our lesson. Look at the screen and guess what are we going to speak at the today’s lesson. (Учні переглядають відео №1.
T: So, who can say? What was this video about?
P: This video was about youth subculture.
T: Yes, Today we will continue to speak about youth subculture, and topic of our lesson is “How do teenagers express their individuality”? You’ll have to do different tasks today:
- You will read and talk about different subculture;
- You will work with the text, exercise, table and crossword;
- You will listen to the audio and choose the main information and play in game;
II. Warming up
T: So, previous lesson we were speaking about youth subcultures. Let’s recollect a little bit.
1) What is a subculture?
P: Subculture is a group of people with the same style, the same interests and listen to the same music.
2) What kinds of subculture do you know?
P: Punks, Goths, Emos, Skinheads, Hackers, Freaks, Hippies, Ravers, Mods, Repers, Rockers etc.
3) What are the main features of any subculture?
P: image, music, hobby, clothes.
T: On your desks you have special cards. Choose 3 the most important features that seem important for you to answer for my question on blackboard: How do teens express their individuality? And be ready to comment. (учні вибирають картки №1 з найбільш підходящим варіантом і коментують свою відповідь)
Cards №1
they develop their own style distinct from others
-they protest against the parents
-they want to achieve something in life
-they rebel against the society
-they want to be in collective
-they want to change the world to the best
-they have the same interests, music, clothes, appearance..
-they show off their own values
-they reject everything
-they try out all sort of opinion
-they show the protest against school
P1: As for me the most important are…
T: Take your cards, go to the blackboard and stick them like rays of the sun. What about you….which are the main important features?
P2: I thing…..
P3: As for my mind…
T: Now. Look at the blackboard and let’s summarize what features are the most important? Who can speak?
III. Checking up the home task
T: What about your homework? At home it was necessary for you to prepare information about one kind of subculture. Let’s listen to your presentation.(учні розповідають повідомлення)Thank you for your work.
IV. Reading
T: Let’s look on the screen. We have presentation about youth subcultures. Our task is: read the information and translate it.(учні по-черзі читають і перекладають)
the text of the prezentation
Punks -A young persons who dress in a shocking way to express his or her identity. He or she has brightly coloured hair and wears metal chains. Their music is aggressive. They reject everything.
Skinheads are always bolded, they wear black clothes,suspenders and heavy boots. Their music is really aggressive. Also an important thing about them is that they never do drugs.
Goth-The members of this subculture wear black clothes with a lot of silver jewellery and have very black hair and look pale as possible. The members gather together to read Bram Stoker and talk about the life after life.
Hippies-They wear a pair of worn-out blue jeans, long hair tied with strings and a couple of decorative chains. Hippy thinks that the world is beautiful and you should do nothing to improve it. They were for freedom of love.
Freaks- This is a person with something unusual appearance or behaviour. Their hairstyles are mostly long and unkempt. They have tattoos, pircings and make a cosmetic surgery.
Raver is a person who likes disco parties in popular night clubs. Usually ravers wear formal clothes. Their idea is to do everything to enjoy the next party. They like to be in a collective.
HACKERS-They are the wizards of computer communication. People with deep understanding of their computers. Sit at the computer from morning till night
Rockers - A young person who wears leather jacket “Kosycha”, army boots and a cowboy hat just to show off. He is associated with something rebellious. They listen to the hard rock.
Mods-These people have their own style distinct from others. Clothes should be expensive and fashionable. They wear a white shirt, a short jacket, and narrow trousers. They have plenty of make-up. Scooters are the main kind of transport. The music idols are“The Beatles” and “Rolling Stones” .
Emo- These people are emotional and shy. They wear clothes in pink and black colours. Emo’s symbols are pink heart and a skull with bones. They like to photo themselves.
Repers – a young people who listen to rap or read it. They often wear wide clothers, caps,T-shirts baggy trousers and metal chains. They characterized by dance- Break dance, image – graffiti.
V. Game
T: There are some photos on your desks with members of subcultures. Look at the pictures. So, right now I want you to choose any picture you will like more, but don’t show it to your classmates and describe this picture without naming the subculture. I’ll be the first. Listen to me attentively.(вчитель описує одну картинку, той хто відгадав, загадує наступну картинку. використовують картки №2 з фото різних видів субкультур:готи,фрикі,хіпі,рокери,хакери,емо,репери)
VI. Writing
T: Now, I’ll give you a list of papers with the exercise. Your task will be using the new words from the previous lesson and complete the sentences.(вправа для письма, див. нижче)
Writing exercise
1. A______is a group of people with the same interests, the same style and listen to the same music.
2. Teenagers try____their own____,but they____everything and even____against the society.
3. One of the main problems among teens is the poor____with their parents.
4. Young____is often considered to be____.
5. They can try out all sort of____.
VII. Listening
T: Now, You will listen to the story about subculture and kind of subcultures. Your task is listen to the audio and complete the table which you have on your desks. You will listen to the audio twice.(заповнити таблицю для аудіювання. Про визначення субкультура,готів, емо, панків,рокерів,футбольних фанатів, див.додаток)
VIII. Crossword
T: Let’s summarizing everything from our lesson. I’ll give you the papers with the crossword and your task is to guess this puzzle. You have four minutes and then we will check the exercise. (роздається бланк кросворда із завданнями, див. додаток)
1. A person who does not confirm society’s standards, accept others people as they are.(hippie)
2. These people characterized by bolded hair, heavy boots and nationalist agenda.(skinhead)
3. They are the members of motorcycle gang with narrow trousers and short jacket.(mod)
4. One of the subculture’s feature?(music)
5. They are characterized by black clothes and deathly white make-up.(Goth)
6. They wear a leather jacket and heavy boots.(rockers)
7. A group of people with the same interests, the same style and they like the same music.(subculture)
8. They have a brightly coloured hair and wear metal chains.(punk)
9. They ride 2 or 3 wheeled motorized vehicles.(bikers)
10. They visit all football matches of their team.(fotballfun)
11. They are a “wizard” of computer community. (hacker)
12. Their symbols’ are pink heart and a skull.(emo)
Summing –up
IX. Evaluation
T: Our lesson is coming to end. Everybody worked very well today. I am pleased with your answers. Let’s put the marks.(вчитель виставляє оцінки)
X. Homework
T: It is time to write down your homework for the next lesson. You should write an essay “Why young people join to the some organizations”. Write down advantages and disadvantages. So, the lesson is over. Good bye.


Дулюк Оксана Святославівна
вчитель англійської мови
Корецьке ВПУ №24


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