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Тема : Мій улюблений письменник .
Мета: повторити й активізувати ЛО теми; практикувати учнів у читанні тексту з метою отримання загального уявлення та максимально повного та точного розуміння всієї інформації , що міститься в тексті ; розвивати навички монологічного мовлення ; виховувати любов до читання

1.Повідомлення теми та мети уроку
The topic of our today’s lesson is “ My favour¬ite writer. By the end of the lesson you should be able:
• to recognize and understand new words and word combinations in the text; to read and understand the gist and details despite the natural difficulties; to participate in common conversational exchanges about the topic of today’s lesson.
2.Перевірка домашнього завдання
3 уведення в іншомовну атмосферу
Гра “Find the writer”
Учні отримують картки для роботи .
На картках позначено ім’я письменника або назва твору.
Кожен учень повинен знайти однокласника з відповідною назвою .
What title of the book is there on your card? Was it written by...?

Alexandre Antoine Robert J. K. William
Conan Dumas Saint-Ex- Louis Rowling Shake¬
Doyle upery Stevenson speare
The The Three The Little Treasure. Harry Romeo
Hound of Musket¬ Prince Island Potter and
Basker- eers and the Juliet
ville’s Sorcerer’s

1. Етап підготовки до аудіювання.
Т: Look at the book titles. Which of them have you read? Which of them have heard of?
Do you know who are the characters in these books?
2. Аудіювання.
T: Listen to the description of the characters from the books you can see in the pісture What characters are these? Write down their names in your exercis books.
Number 1. He is a private detective who is able to solve crimes and mysteries using powers of observation and deduction, sometimes without leaving his flat. He is of shown wearing a special type of hat called a deerstalker and smoking a pipe.(Шерлок Холмс)

Number 2. He is an English traveller who visits strange lands, including Lilliput, wlr the people are all tiny, Brobdingnag, where the people are all giants of the Houyhnhnms and the Yahoos, where the horses are wise and the humans are pid and cruel. (Мандри Гуллівера)

Number 3. They are two young people who fall in love although they are from fan who are enemies. They get married secretly but are unable to live together and the ] ends with their death.(Ромео і Джульєта)

Number 4 He is a character of traditional British stories, who is said to have live: Sherwood Forest near Nottingham during the rule of King Richard I. His compan. (usually called his Merry Men) included Friar Tuck, Little John and Will Scarlet, his lover was Maid Marian. Together they robbed rich people and gave money poor, and their enemy was the Sheriff of Nottingham. (Робін Гуд)

Number 6. This character is especially popular with children. He is a lively boy who lives with his Aunt Polly in St Petersburg, Missouri. He has an exciting and many adventures on the Mississippi River with his friends Huckleberry Fir Becky Thatcher.(Том Соєр)
Учні слухають характеристику літературних героїв з книжок, зображені малюнку і записують їхні імена в зошити.

Робота в групах.
T. What do you know about famous English writer ?
Let’s listen to some information and be ready to have a test.
(Checking up of a homework.)
Серед учнів визначалися вчителі історії, лі¬тератури, філософії, політики та бібліоте¬кар. Вони підготували біографічні відомості про письменників.
Т. Teacher of history could you answer Where and when was born?
Повідомлення учнів про улюблених письменників

1 Пред’явлення тексту для читання
1)Pre-Reading Activities Етап підготовки до читання впр.2бст.52
Listen to the following names from teacher’s voice (from tape-recorder). Read them together with the translation. Put them into certain place.

While-Reading Activities. Етап читання тексту та виконання вправ під час читання
Переглядове читання тексту з ме¬тою отримання загального уявлення про його зміст.
T. What do you want to know about the geo¬graphical position of the unknown land?
2.Етап перевірки розуміння змісту тексту
Work in groups: put the questions of different kinds and answer the questions.
Make up a dialogue about your favourite writer and his/ her works.
Who is your favourite writer?
My favourite writer is _ He was born
What is he famous for?
He is well-known as a
You have read a lot of his works, haven’t you?
Yes, I have.
Which is the most interesting?
I like __
Could you retell the plot of it?
Yes. It was a story about (time, place, characters, the main idea).

Завершальна частина уроку
1. Домашнє завдання
Т. Write an essay about your favourite writer and his / her works.
2. Підбиття підсумків уроку
T. Which activities have we done today? Was it difficult for you to read the text?


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