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"Sport in our life"

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Тема уроку: "Sport in our life"
(7 клас за підручником "Англійська"
"English" А. Несвіт)
Мета уроку: а) активізувати лексику з теми "Спорт";
повторити вживання загальних питань;
вчити вживання форми Present Perfect
та Present Perfect Continuous Tenses в
ситуативному мовленні; ознайомити
учнів з "Golden rules" of sport.
б) розвивати навички та вміння
діалогічного мовлення, читання,
аудіювання, практикувати учнів
працювати в парах та вчити
висловлювати свої думки.
в) виховання дисциплінованості,
відповідальне ставлення до свого
здоров'я, любові до спорту, почуття
гордості за досягнення спортсменів
Обладнання: textbooks, cards with words, photo with famous
Sportsmen, pictures to the topic "Sport"

1. Greeting
T: Good morning, pupils! How are you? Welcome to the English study! I hope you are in high spirits today. We're to do a lot of work during our lesson. So, "A good beginning makes a good ending". The topic of the lesson in "Sport in our life".
2. Warming – up
Students recite the poem
"We are fond of sport
At our school we study subjects a lot
But most of all we're found of sport
The boys of the 7th form are strong and tall
Because they like playing tennis and basketball
The girls in the class are slim but not tired
Because they like all try to keep to a healthy diet.
T: This poem shows our attitude to sport. Why do many people go in
for sport?
Student 1: To live long
Student 2: To be disciplined
Student 3: To be famous
Student 4: To keep body slim and fit
Student 5: To set records and get medals and prises
Student 6: To win the competitions
Student 7: To have good stamina, be strong and healthy.
3. Vocabulary revision
3.1.Pair work: "find a partner"
T: This task will show us how well you can read and understand the meaning (Some of you will get cards with words, the others – definitions of these words)
1. Football
2. Basketball
3. Chess
4. Ice – hockey
5. Golf
6. Badminton
7. Water polo
8. Ping – pong
a) A game for two players
They have rackets.
b)A game played by two
teams of six players
each that is played on
an ice field.
c)A game in which
you use long sticks
called clubs to hit
a small ball into holes
in grassy land.
d)This is an outdoor game
for two teams of eleven
players. You need a ball,
two goals and a referee.
e)This is an indoor
game for two or sometimes
four players who hit a small
plastic ball to each other
across a net.
f)It's a game for two players.
They have sixteen figures
which they move on the board.
They must trap the opponent's
king to win.
g)You play this game
in the swimming pool.
h)It's a game in which
two teams of 5 players
try to throw a ball in
a net basket.
T: We use different verbs with different kinds of sports:
play – if we speak about ball games;
go – if we speak about sports ending in – ing;
do – if we speak about other sports;
Name kinds of sports which go with these verbs. Use pictures on the stand.
Play go do
football boating karate
basketball swimming judo
tennic running athletics
T: Guess what is your favourite kind of sport
Is it a team game?
Is it water kind of sport?
Do you play (do, go) this kind of sport?
Do you use a ball(a net, a racket, skates, skies, golf)?
Do you race (flight, swim, play..)?
3.4 Speaking
T: Our life is very busy nowadays. We are often in hurry, sometimes we even have no time to have breakfast or dinner. It is even more difficult to find time for sports and trainings. What do you think?
Suggested answers:
1.It is easy to find time for training every day.
S 1: It's true. I like playing ball games during the breaks. They bring enjoyment, relaxation and good mood after hard work at the lesson.
S 2: As for me I can exercise every day thanks to my mother. We go jogging every morning in the park. After it I am full for energy and it's fun.
2. Fitness activities include keeping to a balanced diet.
S 1: It's true. We must eat well to have enough energy and be healthy but avoid eating a lot of junk food that is full of fat and sugar.
S 2: We should eat food that provides the things we need to live and grow: dairy products, meat and fish, vegetables and fruit and cereals.
"We eat to live, but we don't live to eat"
3.We can't train if the weather is rainy and cold.
S 1: It's false. The golden rule of sport is – any training is good in any weather.
4. Listening comprehension
4.1. T: Have you ever thought that is possible to find time for fitness activities. In today's stress – filled world, people often talk about finding time for fitness activities. Here's what you can do to train your body even if you can't find time for regular training:
- Use the stairs, not the life! Go up and down the stairs!
- Go to the park with your friend or for a long walk in the forest at the weekends! Don't sit in frout of TV;
- Don't eat fast food during the day! Keep to a balanced diet!
- Get up ten minutes earlier in the morning and walk to school!
- Train in the gym after or before classes!
- Ride a bicycle more when you are on holidays!
- On cold and rainy days don't sit in the armchair but listen to music and dance!
4.2 After – listening activities:
T: "Keep moving and enjoy it!" This is the Golden Rules of Sports, exercise every day and you'll be healthy and wealthy.
5.Grammar revision
T: Those who have succeeded in sports have been training for many years to achieve good results. Let's revise our grammar material.
The Present Perfect Continuous Tense
tells us for how long the activity has been in progress before now.
Task 1 Match the sentences to make correct statements:
1)Granny look tired a)I think it's time to stop
2)Father's in the garden b)She's been doing ironing all
3)We've been working in the c)He's been planting trees all
kitchen since 9 o'clock in the day long
morning d)For three hours
4)What have you been doing e)Yes, there are. Mum and
all day? Marry have been cooking
5)How long have you been all afternoon
shopping f)Lot's of things I've been
6)There are lots of tasty busy.
Dishes on the table
Task 2 Make sentences using the Present Perfect Continuous.
1.Anton began building his house 2 years ago;
2.Jane went to the market two hours ago;
3.Children played in the park at 6 o'clock in the morning.
Task 3 Work in pairs, ask and answer the questions:
1 Where has Mary been running for two hours? She has been running at the stadium.
2 How long has Ann been training in the gym? She's been training for three hours.
3 What game has Steve been playing? He has been playing basketball.
4 Who has been training Alex for 6 years? Mrs Fletch has been training his.
6. Summing – up
6.1. T: Sport helps to train our body and develop our character as well some people train to become professionals, the others do sports as a kind of entertainment. But everyone who goes in for sport wins.
Do you know why? Look at the blackboard. Put the words on the blackboard in the right order and comment on the proverb.
The words on the blackboard:
is above wealth health
Suggested answers:
Health is above wealth
S 1: I agree with the proverb. I think good health is great treasure. Sport gives us good mood and positive emotions.
S 2: It's clear as a day that health means moving as much as possible.
S 3: Health means: good food, different forms of moving (dancing, running, jogging), good mood, good form, medals and records, money success, happiness.
T: Look at the picture:
The best sportsmen of our country: Serhiy Bubka, Vitaliy and Volodymyr Klychko, Vasyl Virastiuk, Andriy Shevchenko, Lilia Pidkopaeva, Kateryna Serebrianska, Oksana Baiul.
S 4: Health is a great blessing. Sport makes us healthy. Follow the golden rule of sport – be active, do different exercises and enjoy the life.
T: I want that you remember our lesson. I think that today's lesson was interesting and creative.
In finally:
S 1: Topic " Sport and Games "
Britain invented many sports and game. And it gave them their special names. Rugby, football, cricket and golf, boating, sailing and boxing are old.
S 2: There games are played all over the world.
The most popular football matches are held.
In Britain there are several national football teams.
Best of them in the FACup competition are seen.
T: Thank you for being active and hard-working.
6.3. Marks and other comments.
Homework: Ex.3 p.110


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