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Favourite Recipes
practical: to check up the knowledge of words from the topic Food; to revise grammar (countable and uncountable nouns); to teach to use the gained knowledge and information in speech and in writing; to improve communicative skills of pupils;
developing: to develop speaking, listening, reading and writing skills; to develop creative abilities, logical thinking, imagination; to develop skills of working in a team;
upbringing: to bring up the desire to be a winner; to be respectful and tolerant to each other;
еquipment: pictures with the names of food, special cards with tasks for team work, video and audio recordings, multimedia presentation.
1.1 Organizing the class. Greeting
T. Good morning everybody! I’m glad to see you. How are you, my dears? Are you ready for the lesson? Today we are having an unusual and very interesting lesson-competition.
T. At the beginning I propose you to guess the topic of our lesson. Children look at the screen and watch a video. Be attentive, please! (Учні передивляються відео 1 хвилину та відповідають на запитання вчителя).
1.2 Reporting the aims and subject of the less
T. Children, How do you think? What is a topic of our unusual lesson? Your variants please... Who has other variants? (Уявні відповіді учнів)
T. The topic of our lesson is”Favourite Recipes” and today we’ll speak about tasty recipes in different countries; we’ll read and listen recipes; understand recipes of the dishes and learn how to cook dishes.
T. So, I invite you to the “Cooking show”. We are having 2 teams. Let me introduce the leaders of you teams.
Pl.1 Hello everyone! We are “Red Aprons”. We wish you good luck!
Pl.2 Good morning! We are “Green Aprons”. We wish you success! (Лідер кожної команди оголошує назву своєї команди та вітає суперників)
T. Today, you have to show not only your skills but also the quickness, discipline and ability to work in teams. By the end of the lesson the best team will be awarded the title “Master Chef”. Be attentive! For every right answer you will get a bonus, like that one. Do you like it? (На стіл для кожної команди вчитель кладе капелюх для збирання фішок: червоний і зелений).
T. If you want to learn all these activities, follow this motto: “COOK WITH PLEASURE”. (На дошці написаний девіз. Учні хором вимовляють девіз разом за вчителем) (5 хвилин)

1.3 Warming up
T. Let’s begin our lesson with some phonetic exercise. Look at the screen. Here you can see a tongue twister. Repeat after me:
•How many cookies could a good cook cooks?
•A good cook could cook as much cookies.
T. You see it very hard to pronounce it correctly. Who wants to try? (На екрані записані слова скоромовки. Учні намагаються, якнайшвидше вимовити скоромовку. Команда найcпритніших отримує бонус).
T. Well done. Now, let’s revise some words from our topic. Look at the screen and repeat the words after the speaker. (На екрані відео з назвами різних продуктів, учні дивляться на екран і повторюють слова слід за мовцем).
T. At once, my favourite expression comes to my mind.
T. As for me, I like omelette with cheese and tomatoes.
T. And what food do you like to eat?
P1., P2 I like…(cakes, an omelette, sandwiches…).
T. What food is healthy for us?
Pl-s: Fresh food- such as vegetables and fruit.
T. Which fruit do you like? Which vegetables do you like?
P1., P2 I like…(учні по черзі відповідають).
T. What do you usually eat for breakfast/ lunch/dinner?
P1. I usually eat two eggs for breakfast.
P2. I usually eat some fish and some salad for lunch.
P3. I usually eat some soup and some meat for dinner.
(учні по черзі відповідають). (5 хвилин)
T. Children, do you like cooking? What does a cook have to know while he’s cooking?
P1: The names of the dishes.
P2: The names of food (ingredients).
P3: The cooking instructions.
P4: Recipes
T.Do you cook your dishes according to the recipes?
T. Now, you are in the kitchen, and you are going to cook a vegetable soup according to the recipe. But at first, you should know what products are in you fridges and what products you have to buy.
T. Let’s play a game “Shopping List”.
T. Each team gets its own fridge and shopping lists.
T. Your task is to look in the fridges and say what there is/what there isn’t… and make your shopping lists. Use there is/there are and the words some/any. (Учитель роздає малюнки, на яких зображено холодильник з певними продуктами. Учні повинні назвати продукти, які вони мають і яких їм не вистачає у власному холодильнику, використовуючи звороти there is/there are та слова some/any та сласти листи покупок).
T. What is there in your fridge? / What isn’t there in your fridge?
Pl-s: There are some... in our fridge. /There aren`t any... in our fridge.
Pl-s: There is some ... in our fridge. / There isn’t any… in our fridge.
T. Let’s make your shopping lists.
T. So, your shopping lists are ready. But before going shopping you should remember the phrases that you are going to use in the supermarket.
- Hello.
- Hello. Can I help you?
- Yes, please. Have you got any …?
- Yes, I have. How many …would you like? - Two …, please.
- Here you are.
- Thank you. How much is that? – 20 hryvnias altogether, please.
- Here you are. Good bye.
- Bye-bye.
T.: Let’s go shopping! Who wants to be the shop assistant/ the customer? (Рольова гра. Діти складають діалоги та обіграють їх у парах біля дошки). (8 хвилин)
2.2 Relaxation
T.Let’s have a rest. Look at the screen and sing a song (song “Pease Pudding” (Video)). Are you ready? “Pease Pudding”
Pease Pudding Hot,
Pease Pudding Cold,
Pease Pudding in the pot,
Nine days old.
Some like it hot,
Some like it cold
Some like it in the pot,
Nine days old. (1 хвилина)

2.3 Reading
Pre-reading activity
T.Well done. You did the shopping. But before making a vegetable soup, you should know some cooking actions.
T. Children you can see some verbs and some pictures are on your tables. Match these verbs with the pictures and name the cooking actions. (Кожна команда має власний набір малюнків та дієслів: (boil, mix, slice, fry, pour, bake, peel, sprinkle, grate, cut). Учні повинні правильно з’єднати дієслова з відповідними малюнками і назвати ці дії).
T.: Well done! Now children, let’s make a vegetable soup with Kate and her Mum!
T.: Take card 1, please. Read the text and write what ingredients Kate and her Mum used to cook the vegetable soup and what cooking actions are used in the text.
Reading Card№1
“Vegetable Soup’’
Today it is Sunday. Kate’s Mum is in the kitchen, she’s cooking a vegetable soup for dinner. She fills a large pot with water and puts it on the cooker. Kate helps her Mum to cook a vegetable soup. She peels an onion, carrots, potatoes, tomatoes. Mother washes and cuts some meat into small pieces and puts them in to the boiling water. Kate begins cutting the vegetables. Then Mother puts some rice and some salt into the soup. Now it’s time to have dinner. The family is having dinner. Father says, “The soup is very tasty. Who cooked the soup?’’ and Mother says, “Kate helped me to cook it”. Kate is happy, she says, “Tomorrow I’m going to cook porridge”
T. Well done. Each team does its own task.
T. Red Aprons, your task is to write what ingredients Kate and her Mum used to cook the vegetable soup.
T. Green Aprons, your task is to write what cooking actions are used in the text.
“Green Aprons”
Cooking actions “Red Aprons”
to put some water
to fill potatoes
to peel tomatoes
to cut carrots
to wash some meat
some rice
T. Check your answers. (Кожна команда заповнює власний бланк. Після чого учні звіряють свої відповіді з відповідями на дошці).
T. Read the sentences and write if these sentences are true or false. Make them true. (Учні читають речення, виправляють помилки).
Read and write if these sentences are true or false. Make them true.
“Green Aprons”
1. Kate’s Mums cooking a vegetable soup for lunch.__________
2. Mother washes and cuts some meat into small pieces._________
3. Then Kate puts some salt into the soup. _________
4. Father says, “The soup is very tasty._________ Read and write if these sentences are true or false. Make them true.
“Red Aprons”
1.Mother peels an onion, carrots, potatoes and tomatoes.___________
2. Kate begins cutting the vegetables._________
3. Mother puts some rice into the soup.__________
4. Mum says, “Tomorrow I’m going to cook porridge”._________
T. Check your answers, please. (8 хвилина)
2.4 Checking on homework
T. Children, you have made some vegetable salad recipes at home. Show us your presentations, please (Учні презентують свої салати, які вони готували вдома) (5 хвилини)
T. Do you like these presentations?
2.5 Listening comprehension
Pre-listening activity
T. Let’s listen to the dialogues about traditional dishes that people like cooking in the UK. But before listening to the dialogues we must learn some words. Look at the screen, read and repeat after me: (Cawl, Colcannon, Lancashire hotpot, Stargazey pie). (Учні слухають аудіо запис тексту, після чого, виконують завдання до тексту). T. Listen to the dialogues, please. Your tasks will be to match the dishes with the places and tick three ingredients for each dish.
Listening (Audio)
Post-listening activity
T. So, children take card 2. Match the dishes with the places and tick three ingredients for each dish. Some ingredients are in more than one dish.
Card №2 1) Match the dishes with the places from the box.
The north of England, Scotland, south-west
England, Wales
1.Cawl is a dish from________________________.
2.Colcannon is a dish from____________________.
3.Lancashire hotpot is a dish from_________________.
4.Stargazey pie is a dish from ___________________.
2) Tick three ingredients for each dish. Some ingredients are in more than one dish.
cabbage carrots eggs lamb onions pastry potatoes sardines
Lancashire hotpot
Stargazey pie
T. Check your answers. (Учні звіряють свої відповіді з відповідями на екрані).
T.Well done. Children as you see, each country has its own favourite traditional dish. Let’s sing a song “All Over the World!” Fish and chips is English,
Sushi’s Japanese.
Pizza is Italian
So is mozzarella cheese!
All around the world
People love to eat.
All around the world
Food is such a treat!
In Spain they eat paella,
In China they eat rice.
The Russians think potatoes are really, really nice! (Учні співають пісню). (6 хвилин)
2.6 Writing
T. Each team has got the task to write the recipe for their dish. Don’t forget to write in the recipe the name of the dish, the ingredients and instructions. Now the leaders choose your dish. (Fruit salad, vegetable salad). (4 хвилини)
T. Did you like your competition? You worked hard today. You were very active and attentive. I enjoyed working with you.
3.1 Counting bonuses. Awarding teams
Т. Now, it’s time to give you the title “Master Chef”.
T. “….. Aprons” gets the title “Master Chef”.
T. Now I would like to give you marks.
3.2 Homework
T. Your home task will be: 1. to write a recipe of “Borsch”;
* 2. to create a poster “ Food in my country” (2-3 хвилини)


Зіненко Олена Вікторівна, учитель англійської мови
Бердянська багатопрофільна гімназія №2


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